23 Long-Term Furnished Apartments

Select your own furnished rental among Paris Rental’s wide choice of long term furnished apartments for rent in Paris, according to the number of rooms you wish for, the subway stops nearby, or your preferred districts in Paris. Tell us what you need!


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Paris Rental makes finding a furnished apartment simple for you.

Our friendly housing experts guide you through the entire rental process, including each apartment visit.

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Whether for a corporate lease, a sabbatical leave in expatriation, or a government’s employee, Paris Rental will respond to your rental project.

A selection of prestigious apartments is available for you. Paris Rental’s furnished apartments are photographed with normal angle for a real vision of your new apartment rental.

How to find a furnished apartment for rent?

In order to help you find your Parisian furnished apartment rental, Paris Rental is happy to present its very simple search engine. To select the furnished accommodation that best fits your rental criteria among Paris Rental’s real estate portfolio, start by selecting the number of bedrooms (1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms ...) you wish for in your furnished apartment, as well as your preferred locations in Paris by selecting one or more of the Parisian districts, then indicate the budget allocated for this rental, and finally fill in the duration of your stay in Paris.
The results are sorted by price and displayed in descending order, from the highest rent to the smallest ones. You can change the order by ascending rental numbers.

With 32 years of experience, we have managed and rented more than 10,000 furnished apartments throughout Paris: Le Marais, Bastille, République, Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the 16th arrondissement of Paris or even the 8th district of Paris concentrated around the Faubourg des Champs-Elysées. Some of our apartments listed for rent have views that will make you dream, like a view of the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe or the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Montmartre.
You can find a view in all price categories.

When you see on some of our Parisian apartments for rent the notice "Managed by us", this means that this furnished apartment is property managed by “Home Management”, a subsidiary of Paris Rental dedicated to the rental management of furnished apartments in Paris, and the supervision of the accommodation during the duration of the let.

Once the listing for a furnished apartment corresponding to your criteria is displayed, just select the furnish apartment you favor, and validate your request via the “contact form” located at the bottom of each apartment. In order to increase your chances of finding the perfect furnished apartment, we recommend you save several flats in your favorites.

Last tip: when you are on the display page of furnished apartments available, try to focus your search based on a specific location : Paris Rental offers an apartment search by address. This optimized search is also available for a search based on international bilingual schools in Paris and around paris.

Preferred neighborhoods for renting your furnished accommodation:

Furnished Apartment for rent Levallois-Perret
Furnished Apartment for rent Tour Eiffel
Furnished Apartment for rent Neuilly-sur-Seine
Furnished Apartment for rent Le Marais
Furnished Apartment for rent Boulogne-Billancourt
Furnished Apartment for rent Saint-Germain-des-Prés
Furnished Apartment for rent Issy-les-Moulineaux
Furnished Apartment for rent Vincennes
Furnished Apartment for rent Champs-Elysées - Étoile
Furnished Apartment for rent La Défense

Paris Rental’s furnished apartments are also available in all boroughs of Paris:

Apartement Rental Paris 1
Apartement Rental Paris 2
Apartement Rental Paris 3
Apartement Rental Paris 4
Apartement Rental Paris 5
Apartement Rental Paris 6
Apartement Rental Paris 7
Apartement Rental Paris 8
Apartement Rental Paris 9
Apartement Rental Paris 10
Apartement Rental Paris 11
Apartement Rental Paris 12
Apartement Rental Paris 13
Apartement Rental Paris 14
Apartement Rental Paris 15
Apartement Rental Paris 16
Apartement Rental Paris 17
Apartement Rental Paris 18
Apartement Rental Paris 19
Apartement Rental Paris 20

Sort your furnished apartment:

Furnished rentals by highest rents
Furnished rentals by lowest rents
Rentals sorted by number of bedrooms maximum
Rentals sorted by number of bedrooms minimum
Apartments sorted by maximum surface
Apartments sorted by minimum surface
Apartments sorted by dates of availability

Searching for a furnished apartment by criteria:

Rent furnished apartment with parking
Rent furnished apartment with high floor
Rent furnished apartment with lift
Furnished apartment with terrace or balcony

Search for an apartment by metro line:

Rental Apartement Paris M1
Rental Apartement Paris M2
Rental Apartement Paris M3
Rental Apartement Paris M3bis
Rental Apartement Paris M4
Rental Apartement Paris M5
Rental Apartement Paris M6
Rental Apartement Paris M7
Rental Apartement Paris M7bis
Rental Apartement Paris M8
Rental Apartement Paris M9
Rental Apartement Paris M10
Rental Apartement Paris M11
Rental Apartement Paris M12
Rental Apartement Paris M13
Rental Apartement M14
Rental Apartement Paris M15
Rental Apartement Paris M16
Rental Apartement Paris M17
Rental Apartement Paris M18

Paris Rental’s furnished apartments selected by RER and Tram:

Rental Apartement Paris RER A
Rental Apartement Paris RER B
Rental Apartement Paris RER C
Rental Apartement Paris RER D
Rental Apartement Paris RER E
Rental Apartement Paris T1
Rental Apartement Paris T2
Rental Apartement Paris T3a
Rental Apartement Paris
Rental Apartement Paris T4
Rental Apartement Paris T5
Rental Apartement Paris T6
Rental Apartement Paris T7
Rental Apartement Paris T8
Rental Apartement Paris T9
Rental Apartement Paris T10

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