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Company housing: Furnished Apartments vs. Hotel rooms

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Corporate Housing : rent a Staff Apartment

versus Hotel room


Are you a company, an embassy, or a government institution, and are you looking for company housing for your employees, executives, or diplomats? If you are looking for short term rentals or staff accommodation for a long-term in Paris or the Paris region or any European metropolis besides, many options seem possible.

Professionals who regularly travel for work are more and more likely to favor the rental of furnished apartments offering all the amenities necessary to feel at home. By renting furnished apartments, professionals who travel a lot during their work generally want to enjoy better comfort and above all the privacy necessary for their personal and professional development.

Nowadays, apartment hotels and apartments available to corporate housing for longer-term are readily available. Expatriates, diplomats, international and governmental Institutions, executives, and cross-border employees appreciate these accommodations, for they offer all services necessary in the context of their professional missions and have significant advantages. These benefits are not just financial.

Here are all the advantages of corporate accommodation compared to hotel accommodation.

Functional accommodation vs. hotel rooms


A bed, a television, and a private bathroom, this is where similarities between hotels and official accommodation end. Corporate accommodation offers comfort and exceptional convenience at a price that hotels cannot match.

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When looking for furnished apartments of medium or long-term accommodation, you face choices that are limited to Airbnb type rentals and appart'hôtels.

Fortunately, real estate agencies offer high-end long-term furnished apartment rentals for entrepreneurs and managers in their search for goods to provide them with the best accommodation solutions and turnkey as soon as possible.

High-end equipment for greater comfort


Generally, furnished rental apartments offer high-end equipment inside and outside of the living areas.

Furnishings and layout of the apartment are studied according to the needs of the tenants and their habits. Aside from "standard" amenities, executive housing includes more conveniences than is usually required.

Compared to hotels or apartment hotels, the furnished property offers services in terms of comfort, friendliness, and, most of all, privacy. Of course, expatriate corporates also benefit from standard amenities such as:

  • flat-screen TV
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Modern living room
  • Comfortable furniture
  • Spacious rooms
  • Washing machine and a dishwasher

The main difference between hotel rooms and furnished apartments is the extra space. Because each apartment is different, the layout of each rental accommodation is not like standard-sized “suites.”

Generally, furnished accommodations have a master bedroom, an equipped kitchen, a separate dining room with a dining table, a living room, a private bathroom, and sometimes even a balcony or patio.

A functional accommodation to feel at home


Rental agencies are fully aware of the needs of future tenants. A transfer, a move abroad for professional reasons, can be a stressful period, and this is why expatriates call on specialized agencies to take care of all the formalities related to the rental.

By selecting entirely equipped apartments according to future occupants' needs, the agencies specializing in corporate accommodation rentals give tenants a chance to focus on their move.

Real Estate agents take care of all rental details such as leasehold, electricity, gas, internet, and home insurance contract. Some agencies thus offer personalized packs adapted to a perfect move for tenants.

Strategic locations in the city center or residential areas

The hotels generally settle in areas designed for tourists. As a future expatriate or if you move for a long time, you need a practical place to live.

Corporate apartments usually stand in strategic areas like residential or semi-residential areas. That way, accommodations are close to public transport or near the main highways.

For customers who wish to reside in the center of Paris or lively areas, apartments selected stand near many local shops, bars, or restaurants! Whichever country you are from, all requirements and ethnic foods are available.

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