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Posted at May 31, 2016

6 Tips for Repainting Your Bathroom and Kitchen in Your Furnished Paris Apartment

Choosing paint type and color for a bathroom or kitchen can be a daunting task - mostly due to the presence of water in both rooms and cooking grease in the kitchen, but artificial lighting is also known to distort paint color. A good rule of thumb for kitchens - the paint color should complement the cabinetry and other appliances.

With that in mind, here are Paris Rental’s 6 tips for repainting your bathroom or kitchen:

  1. Fifty Shades of White
    No matter the nuance, you can never go wrong with white matte emulsion paint for your bathroom or kitchen. Today, there are matte paints that can be easily washed (mat velouté) or wiped clean. To balance the paint in your bathroom or kitchen, and to avoid a clinical feeling, it’s recommended to add tiles above the tub and on countertops. If you think that a white wall is too stark, try a coloring agent like Comus’s Colorus 2010. It will offset the color and give it a more subdued look.

  2. Concrete Plans
    A concrete look to your walls can warm up a bathroom or kitchen while maintaining a neutral, modern feel. Usually, walls are dressed in a polished concrete finish, or this look can be achieved with a distressed glazing technique (via Apartment Therapy)..

  3. Ask for Samples
    Bring home paint swatches to see if the colors you are interested in go with the flooring, cabinetry and other areas of the room. For example, gray is a popular neutral in modern homes and pairs well with many colors. Look for inspiration on home design websites such as Houzz and by searching different styles of bathrooms and kitchens on websites like Pinterest.

  4. Repainting Cabinets
    In addition to the walls, repainting kitchen cabinets can be an effective way to update your kitchen. It is a project that can make cabinets of any age and condition seem new. The cabinet surface, however, will determine how the job is done. Flat wood and wood laminate are easier to repaint. Plastic laminate, on the other hand, may require special paints and techniques, so consult a professional before trying to do it yourself. For more information, read about the best way to paint kitchen cabinet on

  5. Be Mindful of Mold
    Consider mold inhibitors, which can be added to almost any kind of paint, and will limit mold from growing on the painted surface. Mold is often an issue as the spores travel easily through the air. Oil, matte, and paint containing titanium dioxide are more prone to mold while latex, glossy, and paint containing zinc oxide are more mold resistant.

  6. Beware of Water and Grease
    For a final coat in your kitchen or bathroom, use a stain blocking primer to protect painted walls from splashing water and grease, and make them easy to clean.

    After remodeling your kitchen or bathroom for your furnished rental in Paris, call Paris Rental! We’ll be happy to help you rent your apartment.

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