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Posted at January 7, 2019

What to do of my Christmas Tree in Paris ?

What to do with your Christmas tree after the holidays?


For a month, your living room has hosted a Christmas tree shining brightly. You got accostumed to its festive presence, but now that the pine needles are falling on your carpet you know that the party is over. So, what should you do about this cumbersome guest?

To help expatriate tenants in Paris as well as the owners of furnished apartments in Paris, Paris Rental has done a research on the subject.

Here are some good ecological gestures for your deserving Christmas tree:

Until January 27, you can drop your tree in one of the 174 collection sites selected in Paris. 


To find the closest site to where you live, check out this page on the Paris City Hall website

Beware ! There are rules to observe : each tree must be delivered without bag, decoration, flocking or painting. (These trees will be crushed and the material obtained will be used in the gardens of the city).

You own a terrace or a garden and you bought a potted tree in order to replant it.  


Excellent ecological idea, however be sure to carefully choose the place in your garden or the load allowed on your terrace, knowing that in forty years your tree could reach 50 meters! So, if the surface of your land or the load limit allowed on your terrace are not adequate, better call your city hall, for many cities in France - and why not Paris?- organize plantations on communal grounds.

Bring your Christmas tree back to the store! 


Have you kept your receipt? If so, several gardening or hardware stores will take back your trees with a gift at hand for you:

  • The Truffaut stores offer its customers the opportunity to bring back their trees in exchange for a voucher. With your receipt in hand, bring back your Christmas tree to any Truffaut Garden Center before February 28, 2017, and if you hold the Truffaut loyalty card, you will receive a € 10 voucher! (the tree is taken back as is)
  • The Botanic store also encourages its customers to bring back their fir tree in exchange for a voucher of 10 euros. Dates to remember: from January 2nd to 31st 2017. (the tree is taken back as is)

The Dutch Office of Flowers (OHF) has launched an original operation: "Bye Bye old fir, hello pretty plant".


A truck is crisscrossing France to salvage no-longer used Christmas trees. In exchange for a fir tree, individuals receive a houseplant offered by the OHF. So, check the wherabouts of this smart truck fast! (the tree is taken back as is)

Finally, if you are on the outskirts of Paris, you can put your tree in a recycling center. 


More and more municipalities are organizing recycling operations. Some of them collect the trees, take them to a recycling center where they are transformed into compost spread in municipal parks and gardens.(the tree is taken back as is)

For more information, consult the French association of the natural Christmas tree (AFSNN). .

Good to know: The grinded fir is a natural weed killer, thanks to its anti-germinative properties. Conifers are transformed into green compost used to fortify the grounds of gardens and orchards.

Your tree thanks you for giving it another useful life! 


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