Frequently Asked Questions

What apartment owners in Paris want to know about renting out their furnished apartments:

  • What are your fees for owners? Toggle select

    For a temporary long-term rental (non-primary residence*)

    100 € (VAT included) upon signing for all properties


    Do you take a percentage from the rent?



    *Primary Residence Rentals:

    • Owners: one month's rent, including charges (VAT included)
    • Renters: 12 € per m2 (VAT included)

    *These are an exception at ParisRental since most of our clients are in France for a limited time (and usually bound to a work assignment).

  • What documents do I need to provide to rent my apartment? Toggle select
    • A non-exclusive rental representation agreement* (mandat de location) as required by law - allowing ParisRental to show your apartment to their clients on

    *This rental representation agreement must be signed by the true owner of the property or his/her power of attorney

    • A copy of your most recent homeowner tax or notarial certificate - if the apartment is owned by a company (SCI), a KBIS (document showing legal status of a company in France) is necessary to verify the signatory and must be accompanied by his/her signature
    • A copy of the owner's passport or identity card
    • French bank details (RIB)
    • An inventory of fixtures and furnishings for the records of ParisRental, the owner and the tenant - this inventory will be used for the walkthrough and annexed to the rental contract
    • A technical diagnostic report as required by law (see question below for more details)
    • A floor plan - potential tenants like to know the layout and dimensions of the apartment
  • How will you advertise my apartment? Toggle select

    We market your apartment:

    • To our exclusive network of multinational corporations, embassies and government organizations
    • On our website,
    • On our social media networks: Facebook and LinkedIn

    Thanks to our professional in-house photographer, we showcase your apartment as it is - no deceiving wide-angle lens.

  • Do you perform the check-in and check-out walkthroughs? Toggle select

    Given that the owner and tenant are both ParisRental clients, we cannot do the walkthrough as we may be asked to take sides. Most of the time, the owner (or their representative) conducts the walkthrough directly with the tenant.

    We can, however, set up the walkthrough via an independent service or bailiff.

  • How does the rental process work with Paris Rental? Toggle select

     A ParisRental representative will meet with you to visit your apartment. The following services will be provided during this meeting:

    • An estimated rental price based on the current market and the quality of amenities
    • Advice on how to furnish the apartment, if necessary
    • An introduction to a diagnostic professional, if necessary

    You've decided to rent with ParisRental and have signed your non-exclusive rental agreement. Now, the following will be provided:

    • Photos of your apartment taken by a professional photographer*
    • A secured key exchange - this makes apartment visits more convenient for traveling owners
    • Your apartment will showcased on
    • Creation of your personal ParisRental account
    • Access to the newsletter edited by the founder of ParisRental, Claire de Circourt

    * photos are not taken with a wide angle lens to provide potential tenants an accurate impression of the apartment

    A Paris Rental representative will contact you to organize accompanied visits for each potential tenant:

    • A follow up phone or email report will be made after each visit. Or you can access these reports directly via your Owner's Corner account on
    • When a client is interested in renting your apartment, ParisRental will call you and send along their profile and guarantees
    • A draft contract will be sent to you. Once you and your tenant are in agreement regarding the contract terms, a signatory meeting will be set up unless you prefer an electronic signature via DocuSign.
    • A walkthrough will be conducted, either:
      • Directly between you and your renter
      • By a bailiff, payable between owner and tenant
      • Through Home Management, if you are a client
      • Via an independent service provider

    The rent and security deposit will be handed to you at the signing or sent to you via check or a direct bank transfer.

  • Does the rent include charges/expenses? Toggle select

    Yes. When renting a furnished apartment which is not  a residence principale, building expenses are included in the tenant's monthly rent.

    However, personal expenses like electricity, gas, internet/phone/cable are the responsibility of tenant.

  • What diagnostics are required to rent out my apartment? Toggle select

    1) The Carrez/Boutin Measurement Law

    • Required for all residences
    • Measures the floor surfaces after deducting the space allotted to walls, partitions, stairs and elevator shafts, doorways and windows. Any areas with a height lower than 1.80m is deducted from the surface area.
    • These measurements remain valid indefinitely unless construction work has been done to modify the space.

    2) Asbestos Diagnostics (DAPP)

    • Applies to all private buildings with permits delivered before July 1st 1997.
    • This diagnostic evaluates building materials used for walls, insulation and false ceilings
    • No expiration

    3) Lead Exposure Certified Report (CREP)

    • Applies to all living quarters built prior to 1949
    • All painted items on the property including outdoor items must be evaluated
    • Valid for 6 years if the presence of lead has been detected
    • No expiration date if lead is not detected

    4) Energy Level Diagnostic (DPE)

    • Applies to all properties
    • Reports thermal specifications (heating, protection of hot water), energy consumption and estimated energy expenses
    • Valid for 10 years

    5) Statement Concerning Natural, Mining and Technological Risks (ERNMT)

    • A statement informing tenants of potential dangers they may encounter (i.e. floods, underground mines, seismic activity, industrial, nuclear and biological risks)
    • This statement must be less than 6 months old at the moment of signing the lease. It stays valid for the entire rental period and its renewal.
    • It can be obtained for free from the local city hall or police station, magisrate's court, or, if in Paris, at the Department of Urban Affairs. It can also be obtained on the official French adminsitration site:

    The diagnostic reports must state the the name and address of the certifying organization.

    The Technical Diagnostic Report (DDT) must be provided to the renter at the lease signing.

  • Do you offer apartment management services? Toggle select

    Yes, Home Management (HM) was created to help you!

    Home Management is a subsidiary of De Circourt Associates / ParisRental, and manages your furnished apartment during while it's being rented.

    As soon as your new tenant has signed the lease, HM will oversee and organize the arrival and departure walkthroughs, as well as maintenance and repairs while the apartment is occupied. In addition, rent will be received and transferred to your account each month.


    What are the management fees? What services are included?

    8.5 % (plus VAT) of all collected sums

    Services provided by HM include:

    • Look for a tenant with good guarantees
    • Organize all appointments for diagnostics
    • Oversee tenant check-in and check-out, including arrival and departure walkthroughs
    • Install utilities in the tenant's name - electricity, gas and tripleplay (Internet, phone, TV)
    • Make sure the tenant has signed up for home insurance
    • Transfer first month's rent and subsequent monthly payments to the owner
    • Send monthly statements and payment receipts to the tenant
    • Annually reassess the rent of the apartment
    • Pay maintenance charges to the building management company (SYNDIC)
    • Take care of all other expenses related to the apartment (maintenance and upkeep, property tax, etc.)
    • Organize mandatory annual maintenance of heating and gas equipment
    • Work with insurance companies to manage any issues zithin the apartment (i.e. water damage) up to 1600 € (VAT not included)
    • Manage the keys in case of emergency (tenant locks keys insides the apartment, etc.)
    • Manage security deposit until the end of the lease in order to make reasonable deductions for damage beyond normal wear and tear
    • Get the apartment back into shape between tenants
    • Prepare documents for all pertinent local rental taxes
    • Respond swiftly to all correspondence and phone calls concerning your apartment

    To learn more about Home Management, watch our video!

  • What do tenants look for in a furnished rental? Toggle select

    Our clients are looking for apartments with at least one bedroom, mostly in Paris. The apartment must be in perfect condition, in compliance with the latest standards and entirely furnished and equipped.

    Remember, the first impression is key!

    • Above all, renters are looking for cleanliness. Be aware of humidity, smoke, animal odors, etc. Do air out your apartment regularly.
    • A fully-equipped and modern kitchen with counter space and up-to-date appliances, completely outfitted with enough utensils, dishes, glassware and cookware.
    • 2 sets of good-quality home linens per bedroom
    • A clean, functional and modern bathroom with a nice-sized shower. Make sure the grout and sealant are in a good state. Good mirrors and lighting are appreciated.
    • Internet is a must. Sometimes, the deciding factor between two apartments is if Internet is already installed.
    • A large flat-screen TV for viewing sports and movies
    • Neutral colors and modern furnishings are definitely preferred. No wall-to-wall carpet.
    • A sufficient number of outlets for Internet, printer, television, lighting and a variety of household appliances.

    See our Landlord Guide for complete details on fittings and furnishings.

  • Who are your clients? Toggle select

    Paris Rental services and rental properties were created for expatriates and their families, including:

    • International corporations finding residences for their expat employees
    • International organizations and embassies
    • Artists (writers, film makers, etc.)
    • Expats on sabbatical
    • International universities (researchers and professors)
    • People in transition (those in the process of buying property, taking on home improvements, and more)
    • People undergoing medical treatment
  • What documents are required from potential renters? Toggle select
    • Passport / visa
    • Proof of employment (letter or attestation from employer)
    • Payslips (last three months) and/or latest tax return
    • Bank guarantee (letter of credit) or employer guarantee and/or personal guarantor
    • French bank details (RIB)
    • Letter of registration, if a university student