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Tenant FAQ

After 30 years of helping expats find long-term furnished apartment rentals in Paris, we’ve been asked almost everything! Here’s a selection of the most frequently-asked questions:

  • What are good neighborhoods to live in? Toggle select

    That's hard to say. Each neighborhood in Paris has its own unique character.

    Discover Apartments by District on our website to learn more about the area that's right for you. Paris is constantly evolving!

  • Is Paris safe? Toggle select

    Paris is rather safe, but as in any big city, you must use common sense. In Paris, most buildings have door codes and interior intercoms to ensure safety.

    A few tips:

    • Theft and pick-pocketing exist, so don't flaunt your valuables.
    • Close your windows before going out. If you leave them open, insurance won't cover the incident.
    • When you leave your apartment, even to take out the garbage, make sure it is locked! Most burglaries occur in the middle of the afternoon.
  • How do I use Vélib’? Toggle select

    It’s very easy to use the shared bicycle system in Paris. You can choose to have a Vélib’ pass, link Vélib' with your Navigo or pay each time you use it. For more information go to website Velib'.

  • How do I get the transportation pass (Navigo)? Toggle select

    Visit RATP’s website or a RATP kiosk within some Métro stations to sign up for a Navigo Pass.

    Having a Navigo Pass will allow you to take the Metro, RER, bus and tram. You can subscribe annually (pay 11 months for the year), monthly, or weekly. It goes to all suburbs surrounding Paris including Versailles, Charles-de-Gaulle, Disneyland and more - all of Île-de-France!