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Tenant FAQ

After 30 years of helping expats find long-term furnished apartment rentals in Paris, we’ve been asked almost everything! Here’s a selection of the most frequently-asked questions:

  • What paperwork will I need to rent an apartment with Paris Rental? Toggle select

    Usually landlords request to have copies of the following:

    • Passport / visa
    • Proof of employment (letter or attestation from employer)
    • Payslips (last three months) and/or latest tax return
    • Bank guarantee (letter of credit) or employer guarantee and/or personal guarantor
    • French bank details (RIB)
    • Letter of registration, if a university student


    For further information, consult our blog article on the 5 Documents You Need To Rent An Apartment in Paris.

  • What needs to be provided when a company signs the lease? Toggle select

    You will need copies of the following:

    • Certificate of business registration (extrait Kbis)
    • A power of attorney for the company representative signing the lease
    • Passport or ID of the signing party