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After 30 years of helping expats find long-term furnished apartment rentals in Paris, we’ve been asked almost everything! Here’s a selection of the most frequently-asked questions:

  • Who rents a temporary residence with Paris Rental? Toggle select

    Tenant profile

    When a furnished apartment owner calls Paris Rental for the rental of his apartment, he expects the following tenant profile:

    • a rental of one year or more
    • an executive from a multinational company offering serious garantees

    Paris Rental - with its multilingual team specializing in international relations - helps expatriates in all countries:

    • International companies for their expatriate executives on mission in Paris
    • Worldwild organizations and embassies
    • Artists (writers, filmmakers, etc.)
    • Expatriates on a sabbatical year
    • Academics from wordly universities

    Are there exceptions?

    Yes, for example:

    • expatriates or provincial residence who come to Paris for medical treatment in one of its many hospitals.
    • the owners of an apartment where work is in progress
    • couples separating and in need of a new home for one of the two spouses.

    In these particular cases, is the rental period shorter?

    Obviously, the duration of these rentals is shorter. However, many owners accept these tenant profiles, as long as their guarantees  are excellent.

    Are there any less-desired tenant profiles?

    Sometimes, owners hesitate to rent to colocation candidates, because the apartments are furnished and equipped with appliances and electronics. Experience has proven that when three or four room-mates cohabit, no-one takes responsibility for good maintenance of the apartment and its equipment.


  • Is it difficult to find an apartment in Paris? Toggle select

    Paris is a big city with hundreds of big companies and hundreds of schools of all kinds. So, yes, it is difficult to find a "home" for the numerous candidates in need of a furnished accommodation in Paris.

    Here are some tips to help in the search for an apartment:  

    • For working executives, the best solution is to use the services of a real estate agency and to delegate their search for a furnished apartment in Paris against a fee. Some real estate agencies, such as Paris Rental, are specialized in long-term furnished rentals and offer a wide choice of apartments due to their long experience and notoriety. The working executives are in a good position to find the furnished apartment of their choice, as their professional career has led them to earn a salary four times higher than the rent. This is an important criterion because it reassures landlords.

    • For students, it is cheaper to consult the announcement boards of Churches, including American Church and Cathedral, Swedish Church, etc. Similarly, Chambers of Commerce, Cultural Centers and Embassies of all countries represented in Paris offer a bulletin-board or a website where to consult the available furnished rentals in Paris. Thanks to these chosen Centers, landlords and tenants often share the same nationality which brings them together. There are also many websites which appear every day on the net that Students can share with each other.
  • When should I begin my search for an apartment with Paris Rental? Toggle select

    Three to six weeks before moving are recommended.

    With Paris Rental , it is possible to move in your new "home" between 24 hours to one week. Paris Rental’s multilingual team will find you a furnished apartment matching your criteria the same day you call! However, the moving date will depend on providing the required guarantees and of the time needed for owner and tenant to agree on the terms of the rental agreement.
    When tenants are on their own, the search can take weeks! Better to have a "personal file" ready, in case you find the rental that suits you on the first visit. In something as important as finding your furnished or unfurnished apartment in Paris, you have to be fast and ready. So many people are looking for the same thing as you are!

    In the meantime, to get a better understanding of your desires and needs in your quest for a Paris apartment, check on Paris’ neighborhoods and districts, and on the costs associated with renting which you can find on our blog 

  • How do I begin the process of finding an apartment? Toggle select

    The candidates for rent should prepare their “personal file” before starting to look for an apartment, rather than after they found it. If by chance you were to like an apartment on your first visit, it is unlikely that the owner will keep the apartment for you for he probably received forty more applications waiting for a visit of his furnished apartment!

    How to prepare your file?

    To begin, make a short presentation about yourself, and add a copy of your CV, employment contract or your Internship Agreement. Your cover letter should describe why you want to live in this area (for example: there is a large square nearby and you are a jogger; there are cinemas near by and you are a movie buff, etc.). If you have a recommendation from a former landlord, put it in your file. Finally, prepare everything in an attractive color pouch. Among other files, you will come out!

    Last but not least, prepare documents attesting to your resources, for example:

    ● Last or second-to-last tax notice (or equivalent document abroad) 
    ●  3 last payslips 
    ● For non-salaried employees: last two balance sheets or attestation of resources for the current year 
    ● Proof of pension, of social benefits and allowances for the last 3 months 
    ● Title of property or last notice of property tax 
    ● Proof of property income, life annuities or income from securities and movable assets

    Should I speak with the owner during the visit?

    Do not forget that a long-term lease means a long-term relationship between tenant and owner. So, be ready to engage in dialogue! To begin, ask a few specific questions: "In case of a leak, where is located the water shutoff valve? Do you have a dedicated service provider to contact for the annual boiler review?" Questions such as these will demonstrate your interest and the care you will take of the apartment.


    If you choose to work with Paris Rental, an appointed consultant will send you a selection of apartments, organize visits and accompany you to see the apartments, assist you with your file, review the lease with you, and help you all the way till you sign your lease contract for your new “home, sweet home”. You will also get assistance for electricity, gas, "TriplePlay" (Internet, telephone, cable) subscriptions and for your home insurance.

  • Are linens provided? Toggle select

    Usually, yes! In most apartments, linen is supplied in sufficient quantity.
    However, in some case, the owner provides only one set of sheets and towels to make your installation in your new furnished apartment more comfortable. Since rental duration is often for one year or more, tenants are then expected to buy their own sheets and towels.

    In all cases, the linen found in the furnished apartment will be recorded in the check-in inventory at the entry. At departure, the tenant will be expected to return all linen and bath towels cleaned and ironed.

  • What does "2 pièces,"3 pièces,", "4 pièces" etc. mean? Toggle select

    In France, 2 rooms, 3 rooms, 4 rooms etc. indicate the composition of an apartment by its main rooms. The main rooms are: the living room, the separate dining room or den, if any, and the bedrooms.
    Kitchen, bathroom(s) and toilets are not taken into account, since these rooms are always present in an apartment.

    Similarly, a T2 is an expression used in the real estate jargon to designate the size of housing, whether the accommodation is furnished or not. The T2 can also be called F2 or “2 pieces”. It designates a property consisting of two large rooms which are the living room and the bedroom.
    For example : :
    2 rooms or T2 is a living room + one bedroom.
    3 rooms or T3 is a living room + 2 bedrooms (or a living room + a separate dining room + one bedroom).
    4 rooms or T4 is a living room + 3 bedrooms (or a living room + 2 bedrooms and a dining room)

    Nota bene : Insurance companies consider that a room larger than 30 M² counts for two rooms. Thus, an apartment with a double living room of 40M ² + two bedrooms corresponds to a 4 rooms, or T4.

  • Are pets allowed in the apartment? Toggle select

    The tenant has the right to possess one or more pets during his long term rental as long as he respects the peace of the building’s common areas. Nevertheless, he remains responsible for the damages and abnormal disturbances that his animal can cause in the neighbourhood.

    Pet dogs
    In most building regulations, there is a ban on dogs wandering about without being on a leash.

    The possession of a dangerous dog belonging to the 1st category (attack dogs) is prohibited by a clause usually included in the rental agreement.

    Pets called "NAC" (new animals of company)

    Some categories of animals are strictly prohibited in a rental. For example, dangerous species such as tarantulas, crocodiles, scorpios..., as well as protected species such as hedgehog, vole...).
    These animals are not considered pets.

    Learn more about neighborhood abnormalities and their consequences.
    What to do in case of nuisance caused by barking?  ?