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Why fall for the latest trends when vintage is always in style?

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Why fall for the latest trends when vintage is always in style?


Furniture, like fashion, affords lifetimes of use to second and even third owners. A well-chosen piece adds character to a room, saves the environment – and lasts longer than newer purchases.

Buy, Trade and Sell Vintage Furniture


The “vintage village” is located in the heart of Paris’s, just outside the périphérique at rue des Rosiers in Saint-Ouen. Wander through the different showrooms, steeped in history. In one building, an old chandelier workshop, you’ll find certified pieces from top 1950s – 1970s names in design, including Jean Prouvé, Charlotte Perriand, Serge Mouille and more. Open on Saturdays and Sundays from September onwards, why not spend an afternoon vintage-hunting?

Are you in the midst of restyling your rental? Many outlets will buy or trade your gently used furniture, evaluates and estimates vintage furniture from their bygone collections. Post photos your vintage Ikea furnishings online and buy new vintage furniture.

There’s also the world of online selling. On Etsy you can buy or sell unique and eclectic pieces. Another great French online resource for bargain fittings and furnishings:

Tips on Buying Vintage Furniture

  1. Test it! Just like when buying new furniture, sit on chairs, pull out the drawers, lean on tables. Evaluate for comfort and durability.
  2. Consider reupholstering. So if you spot a pretty chair with cushions that don’t match your color scheme, reupholstering may be more economical than buying new. Second-hand furniture often boasts better workmanship and durable structural components. Materials like wrought-iron, aluminum, oak and maple can last for centuries.
  3. Shop with dimensions in mind. Keep your scale in mind. And whatever furniture you buy, make sure you have a way to get it home!
  4. Refinish with low COV paints and varnishes. Finishes low COVs in French (Composé organique volatil) known as VOCs or volatile organic compounds in English are greener for the environment. They’ll prepare your furniture with little or no fumes, with no gassing.
  5. Beware: don’t buy second-hand mattresses! Bedbugs are a risk.

Are you furnishing a property for lease? Our fittings and furnishings checklist will make sure you include all the necessary pieces. For advice tailored to your Paris rental, contact our team and learn how to make your furnished apartment attractive to reliable tenants.

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