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Fine real estate, high quality furnished apartments for rent since 1987:

Paris Rental is an upscale Real Estate agency, specialist of high-quality housing rentals in Paris. Since 1987, Expats clients rely on Paris Rental’s experience to letting a premium flat or a prestige apartment in Paris to quickly enjoy the parisian life in a stress-free manner due to this high-end collaboration. Discover all Paris Rental’s housing selection, between the luxury apartments, prestige flats or high-quality parisians accommodations for letting.

Premium flats for rent:

Renting a premium flat in Paris is easy and simple with Paris Rental. All our parisians apartments provide the high-end specificities of a prestige expatriate accommodation. These flats are located in the upscale districts of Paris, near Saint-Germain des Prés or Champs-Elysées for a top-end rental. For letting a fancy apartment, consult Paris Rental’s Prestige page at your disposal to help you find the perfect and premium flat to realize your parisian dream.

Letting upscale and top of the range apartments:

Some apartments may not seem luxury rental, yet there are perfect high-quality housing. The upscale flat is between a luxury accommodation and a premium apartment. Ideal for expatriate families who need to let top-end rentals near fancy and qualitative schools for expats situated in the high-end districts of Paris. Most of these flats are rare and prestige-like housing due to their attractive and nice location in the heart of Paris.

Renting luxury housing in Paris:

The luxury Parisian apartments are the best option for an expatriate rental. The families will be happy to letting a prestige and upscale housing in the most high-end districts of Paris near the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum or Royal Palace in a rare and premium situation in front of an emblematic Parisian monument or a fancy and high-quality french garden. Exclusive services related to luxury fine real estate include many rooms ranging from 2 to 6 bedrooms and independent service room, equipped with the comfort necessary for a prestigious Parisian life with luxurious furnishings and the best equipment.

Letting a Corporate flat, Company Lease Housing and Embassies’ Apartment rentals:

To rent a corporate flat in Paris is often a real hardship for the companies who need to send theirs employees in Parisian expatriation. In this case, Paris Rental is specialist in company lease letting and upscale housing for a professional accommodation. The Embassies also need advice and expertise to rent a luxury apartment stress-free. A high-quality and premium flat with all diplomatic specificities will be proposed to the professional housing person responsible for finding the perfect rental accommodation.

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