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International expatriates and their families rent furnished apartments for long-term stays, as well as:

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Paris Rental provides the luxury of customer service.
You will be accompanied throughout your apartment search by a Client Relations Consultant until you are completely satisfied. Move into a new home properly insured, with utilities and Internet installed!

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    Have utilities, home insurance and
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Nothing replaces human contact!

Whether you are a landlord or a future tenant, your “personal contact” will bring you support.
Similarly, with the rental of your furnished apartment, the management rental of your accommodation(s), or the sale/purchase of real estate in Paris - your "personal contact" will be always be available to guide you.

At your disposal throughout your project, you will find that our proposals correspond to your criteria and real estate market prices.
In addition, we will assist you with the administrative procedure.

Whether you want a residence or a main residence (Alur law), the lease will be easy and adapted.

To add to our quality service and to inform you on the Real Estate Market, Paris Rental offers weekly blogs for owners and tenants, and a Newsletter every two months:

- The Blog allows you to find assistance not only with the changes of the furnished rental laws and of the sale/purchase of an apartment, but also with tips for a better life in Paris: what to do when your car is towed away, when your cell phone has been stolen, when your keys have been left inside your apartment and that you are locked-out etc...

Obviously, living in Paris requires an adaptation! Paris Rental is here to guide you.

You will also find the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQ) : What to do in case of disaster (for example, a water damage)? What are the mandatory diagnostics for a furnished rental, the period of validity of each? What repairs are the tenant or the owners responsible for?

What is the role of the security deposit? What guarantees are required? What insurance is required on the tenant's side and the non-occupant owner's side? How to write your notice for lease cancellation? What to know about the “inventory of fixtures” when entering or leaving an apartment rental? Is the housing tax (taxe d’habitation) due when you move? ....

-The Newsletter informs you of new legislations on Real Estate and provides you with the links to given laws, and also with the graphs based on the experience of Paris Rental: duration of the rentals , most sought-after areas, size of most frequently rented apartments, etc.

Whether your need is to rent a furnished apartment in Paris, to have your rental managed, to sell or purchase a property in Paris, you can count on the responsiveness and availability of Paris Rental!

Remember that many prepared examples of letters for tenants & owners are also available on to facilitate your real estate operations.

The website is updated weekly. Do not hesitate to contact us on for any Real Estate issue. We will respond as soon as possible.

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