Long-term furnished apartments for rent in Paris


You can rent it out long-term
with Paris Rental!

Since 1987, thousands of owners have trusted Paris Rental to present them with a tenant with excellent guarantees.

Do you live abroad? Home Management manages the administrative, financial, and
maintenance part of your rental property.

Rental Services Offered

Paris Rental offers the luxury of personalized service. A dedicated expert will accompany you from visiting the furnished apartments to your new lease and move-in with insurance, electricity, gas, and Internet contracts in your name.

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Classic Rental Package

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Searching for a furnished apartment in Paris.
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Rental File

Assistance with preparing your rental file
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Electricity, gas, insurance, internet ...

Family Package



Appointment with the admissions department, organization of visits, personal counseling and registration

Assistance Package



Formalities in the event of a claim, assistance in losing keys, search for a parking lot, etc.

Farewel package


Departure formalities

Assistance with the apartment works, organizing the appointment of the inventory of fixtures, termination of utility contracts, help with the return of the deposit, etc.
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