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4 Unfurnished Apartments for rent in Paris

Apartments below are empty unfurnished apartment rentals located in Paris. If your search concerns a furnished apartment, click here


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There is no precise definition of an unfurnished apartment. Still, according to the Public Service website, a furnished apartment must be equipped with bedding and blanket, a hob, a refrigerator, a table, seats, shelves, lights, etc. Thus, any apartment not having the minimum equipment required for a "furnished apartment" designation will be re-classified as an unfurnished apartment by the judge in the event of a dispute. However, it is common sense to assess an apartment's qualification as furnished or unfurnished accommodation before renting it. At times, some unfurnished accommodations have an equipped kitchen with a fridge included. In this case, remember to specify it in the inventory of fixtures of entry.

The initial lease of an empty apartment rental is at least three years duration, which makes the rental stable and reassures the owner. The security deposit is one month against two months for furnished rentals. The tenant's notice is three months but can be one month in exceptional cases and when the apartment's location falls within a "tight rental" area.

With unfurnished apartments, the landlord's notice must be at least six months prior to the end of the lease. Yet, the owner can only give leave to the tenant provided these conditions: resumption of the accommodation to live there oneself, need for the property to accommodate a relative or sale of the apartment.

When the tenant rents an unfurnished apartment, they have priority in the purchase and have two months from the "For sale" date to make an offer.

With unfurnished rentals, the tax regime is less advantageous for owners renting an apartment empty. Because rents yielded are considered "property ownership income" while, in furnished rentals, the rentals income become "industrial and commercial" revenues.

As explained in the article by Seloger, if the owner has property ownership income inferior to € 15,000 per year and he does not benefit from any tax exemption system linked to this income, then he falls under the "micro-foncier" regime with a reduction of 30% on his taxable land income. If the owner gets an income greater than € 15,000 or does not wish to benefit from the micro-foncier regime, he benefits from a tax exemption regime called “Real”. The "real regime" allows no reduction, but owners can deduct their charges and work expenses.

Depending on the type of rental and the earned amount, the lessor decides which tax regime is most advantageous. Whether it is a furnished rental or not, many tax rebate possibilities exist, such as Robien law, Scellier law, Borloo law, or Besson law.

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