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Lise. D

I also want to say that everyone with this company is so professional and kind. My daughter lives in Paris and it has been nothing but nightmares with other agencies and owners. Adriana is a gem and everyone I came into contact with are wonderful.
Best, Lise

Ryan. T

I really appreciate all the help and consideration that you gave me all along my European life adventure. As you know, I recommended your company for all news expats who are looking for a long term rental in Paris and I hope we will collaborate again in the future.


Warms regards

Denice. W

Paris Rental,

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your time in showing us apartments. Your is the only agency who was willing to show us apartments without making us fill out a lot of paperwork and you made it very easy to schedule and view the apartments. No other agencies have done that. We appreciate the ease of working with you tremendously. We love all of the apartments you showed us.

    Thank you again! It has been an absolute pleasure meeting and working with you!


It was first of all a great pleasure to meet Mrs. Sylvie Karam,

(In case you read this, thank you for your time and patience during the visits I made with you!)

You have been available, responsive and reassuring.

Although my purchase did not finally succeed for personal reasons, my experience with Mrs. Karam was really nice,

if my purchase was successful, I will probably have entrusted the management of my property to your agency.

Sophie from Embassy of Brazil



Thanks to the excellent Paris Rental team for their unfailing friendliness and professionalism!

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As the Human Resources Representative for a major international oil company, it was my job to secure housing for a group of our expatriates living in Paris. ParisRental / De Circourt Associates had many flats of quality in good neighborhoods from which to choose and ultimately placed over half of our team in furnished accomodations in Paris.

And even though we did not use a relocation company (which is normally a requirement in order to have this level of service), ParisRental was able to help all of their tenants obtain utilities contracts, as well as assist with cable/internet and phone set-up. They also provided the convenient service of obtaining a renter's insurance contract for each person. This extra service was quite a plus for our team, especially since the majority of our employees did not speak French.

Also, the staff at ParisRental have been very courteous, quick to respond, and professional to work with and have continued to provide me support throughout the rental period. Finally, all of their staff are multi-lingual and speak great English which is a huge asset. Overall, it was a great experience and I would recommend ParisRental to others.


Ms. Teeter

My husband's job took us to Paris in January of 1997. It was cold. We did not speak French or know where to begin our search for a place in Paris. Fortunately, the human resources department of my husband's company, Accenture, worked with ParisRental / De Circourt Associates.

Meeting with Anne Millet was like a breath of fresh air. She really listened to our needs, made great suggestions about neighborhoods she felt we might be interested in and took the time to make sure the places she showed us were within our parameters. Her warm personality and attention to detail made the housing search a pleasure.

Our six month stay extended to 3.5 years. They helped make our expatriate stay a sincere pleasure. I would highly recommend ParisRental and will use them again if we have another opportunity to live in France.


Ms. Thompson

I recently had the pleasure of working with ParisRental / De Circourt Associates. I found their website clear, concise and easy to navigate. When I emailed them to inquire about different apartments, they responded to me right away. Working with them from across the Atlantic was easy; they made themselves flexible to my schedule and were always available to chat if I had more questions.

The people that I worked with were such a delight and were extremely helpful. I was unable to visit any apartments before moving. They worked very hard to make sure that I had a perfect apartment before arriving to Paris. They assisted with everything from phone set up to banking advice. Any question I had, they found a way to answer or advise. I could not be happier with my experience with them. I was so happy to find a service that I could trust and rely on.

I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for great service and a great apartment.

Mr. Yves G

Our move to boulevard Malesherbes went perfectly well. We are very satisfied with our choice and your advice put us at ease. Thank you for your valuable help and for your excellent service. This will make our stay in Paris most pleasant.

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Mr. Jefferson

I discovered ParisRental through one of their clients.

I am very grateful for the quality of ParisRental's work, professional and human. Many thanks for such efficiency, kindness and the piece of chocolate served with coffee!