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Job description

If you have energy, you like people, and like to be out of the office half of the day, then this job is for you!

ParisRental clients are executives from around the world looking for accommodation during their job expatriation to Paris. You will accompany the client through his search and conduct the negociation with the landlord to a final agreement.

In parallel, you will develop your client portfolio by contacting new companies and making an appointment to determine their needs.


Skills, qualities and experience required

Fluent french and English

At least one experience in a service-oriented position abroad

Rigorous and precise with paperwork requirements from both parties

Professional and reliable, tenacious, team-spirited, ambitious, enjoy making money


CDI - 39 hours weekly

European resident or French working papers essential

Salary:  base monthly salary + commissions

Send motivation letter + CV to


Paris Rental has established itself as an Expert in Furnished Appartment Rentals, finding customized accommodation for its expat clients including International Companies and Governamental agencies.

The Real Estate Intern will be a full part of the team. To start, they will be taught the process, and eventually become responsible for showcasing exciting properties, assist the client in their search for the right place to live and conduct the negotation to the final agreement. They will also get the opportunity to understand cultural business differences and to discover Paris from the inside out.


Benefits for Intern

The Intern will gain a unique and in depth perspective into Paris’ real estate market and understand how international employees select, negotiate, and rent properties. These skills are highly transferable for any sales, marketing, and customer service position, whether in real estate or in any client-focused industry.

Skills & Experience Required

  • The Intern should be an excellent communicator who enjoys working with diverse people.
  • S/he should be a self-starter and dynamic with a focus on strong customer service.
  • Organized and punctual.
  • Fluent in French and English.

Duration of Internship

Six months


Compensation according to School Internship Convention.

Bonus pending successful internship.


Possible Job offer, once the Internship is completed


Work Location

Company office: 34, avenue des Champs-Elysées, 75008 Paris.

Metro: Franklin Roosevelt


Maria | Ukraine

I have worked for Paris Rental for almost two years (2016 - 2018) and with a lot of regret had to leave my job due to a new life project in south of France. It has been an amazing experience filled with challenges and great memories. I was really lucky to work with such a professional and supporting team. 


Before Paris Rental I worked in luxury hotels as a sales person and decided to convert myself into real estate. I was really lucky to be chosen for this job in Paris Rental and succeeded my professional reorientation. I have really grown during these two years and proud of what I have achieved. Of course it is not a simple job and it requires a lot of effort and meticulousness. But and the end of the day it is the best feeling helping people finding their new home.


I cherish those wonderful moments and wish great years of prosperity to Paris Rental.

Thorwin | Université de Lorraine

At a first glance, it does not appear obvious for a student in engineering to do an internship as a housing expert in a real estate agency. My motivation was to explore a less technical working field, an opportunity quite rare for a future engineer.

My objective was to improve my ability to work in groups and to grow personally. The tasks and people I’ve had the chance to encounter were highly diverse. Working with clients from all over the world means not to just work by the book, but necessary to adapt to every individual. This includes asking the right questions at the right time and having a sense of empathy and a certain emotional intelligence.

In some situations, I also had to employ improvisation: rescheduling visits due to the delay of a client or landlord or manage quite unfavorable situations in apartments (tenants present, difficult access, apartments not in a good or messy state). I think having developed my flexibility.

My negotiation-capabilities as an intermediate have evolved, because I can take the position of the other side. I also learned how to better manage stress. A big success in my opinion was my handling of phone calls, regarding my timidity in the beginning and my improved sovereignty at the end of my internship.

The biggest surprise in my internship was the good perception of my work by the clients and the good atmosphere in the office. At Parisrental a real culture of working together in a team can be found.

The real estate market is multidisciplinary why I chose to write my master thesis in this domain.

Finally, I want to thank the entire team for the warm welcome. I want to thank Anne and Pascale in particular, especially for their patience and their advice.