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Investors who have bought an apartment (or several apartments) with Paris Rental often become landlords, both for the furnished rental and for the rental management of their new real estate purchase.

Before selling this property, Paris Rental has for many years rented this furnished apartment, so that it is totally aware of the history of that real estate property: the work that has been done, renovations and fixtures that were added, any water damage occurred, any upgrading to successive French standards, everything to be known about the apartment has been efficiently recorded. The result is a wealth of information for new buyers who know their investment’s health and its rental value.

No bad surprise when buying with Paris Rental!
Therefore, the investor’s property goes on with its yielding life.

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Apartments solded with Paris Rental

How to make your real estate investment profitable?

You bought an apartment for its many qualities and its attractive price. However, your intention is not to live in this apartment. For example, you have anticipated for your children who in a few years will become students, or you have imagined this apartment as a lovely pied-à-terre in Paris, upon retirement.

But in the meantime, as the investor that you are, you wish to make this purchase profitable. Clearly, a rented furnished apartment is always more profitable than an empty one!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of furnished rentals?


The benefits are many, but the main benefit is a financial one. Indeed, the furnished rental is financially and fiscally more interesting than an empty rental.
On a financial basis : According to the the property’s location and its furnishings and amenities, the rent of a furnished rental is generally 10% to 15% higher than that of an empty dwelling. On a fiscal basis : the income resulting from an unfurnished lease is called "Revenu Foncier", and is taxed on the basis of the “Micro-Foncier” (up to 70 000 € / year) or on the basis of the “Real scheme” (70 000 € / year and up).
The furnished rental revenues are considered "Industrial and Commercial Benefits" (in short, BIC), and they are subjected to the “Micro-BIC” regime (up to € 70,000 including charges / year) and to the “Real” regime above € 70,000 / year.
For example: In Paris, renting an unfurnished two-room apartment of 40 m² to 1,150 euros per month, brings 13,800 euros per year to the owner. The owner will have to declare the entire 13,800 euros of his property income.
Renting the same two-room furnished for a rent of 1,400 euros per month brings in 16,800 euros per year. The owner will declare only 8,400 euros in his income “BIC” (an advantage of a 50% discount).

But a furnished rental requests a bigger investment from the owner, financial and personal!

Some disadvantages

  • Many big cities in France and abroad penalize the furnished residences which are leased for short durations. This is the case of Paris which is fighting the “furnished accommodation tourism”. It's up to you to pick the right way to rent your investment, in order to avoid problems! Paris Rental will rent your furnished apartment for long-term leases, for 75% of its rental contracts are for a lease longer than 1 year..
  • Another drawback is the the landlord will need to look for a new tenant more often than when it is an unfurnished rental.
  • The nicer the apartment is, the more the tenant will want to stay a long time. Therefore, it is recommended to investors renting their furnished apartment to comply with the August 5th, 2015’s decree specifying the list of elements that must contain a furnished apartment, and also to invest in a washing machine, a television, a coffee table, a microwave, a toaster, some carpets, and of course in internet which should be included in the rent.

With Paris Rental’s assistance, small surfaces which are in high demand by expatriates on professional mobility in Paris, and which are the most profitable for landlords, will be immediately yield income. Contact "Home Management" to manage your Furnished Property Rental for you!

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