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44 Two bedrooms Long-Term Furnished Apartments

The Paris Rental furnished 2 bedroom apartments are perfectly suited for long term rentals. A two-bedroom apartment is mainly required by expatriate business travelers while on a professional mission in Paris. These furnished two-bedroom accommodations are generally rented by a single person who can accommodate their family on vacation, or by two expatriate executives or diplomats on official duty. Tell us what you need!


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A two-bedroom apartment is a property of 3 rooms, namely a living room and two bedrooms. However, space can vary significantly depending on the type of setting. A two-bedroom apartment set up as a duplex, a loft, or an artist's studio offers more living space than a traditional two-bedroom apartment.

The monthly rent for a furnished two-bedroom apartment in Paris generally depends on the flat’s amenities and on its location. Having two bedrooms gives the possibility to create a workroom or a guestroom. It is a real comfort for professional expatriates wishing to work at home in a peaceful setting or to host their loved ones for a stay in the capital. Thus, rentals for a two-bedroom apartment vary between 2000 and 5000 € per month.

Designed for families of expatriates living in the Parisian capital, these two-bedroom apartments are close to many international and bilingual schools, grocery stores and local shops, and are well served by public transport.

Paris Rental apartments are presented in Anglo-Saxon style, that is to say by the number of bedrooms since there is always a living room in an apartment, as well as a kitchen and at least one bathroom. This way, professionals and expatriate business travelers can quickly assess the desired accommodation for their long-term rental, rather than trying to figure out the French meaning of a T3, F3 & P3. In order to better evaluate the surface area of ​​those high-end apartments, Paris Rental offers the possibility of a virtual tour.

Paris Rental 2-bedroom furnished apartments are ideal for expatriates looking for official housing, Brexit expatriates, or international professionals on a sabbatical in Paris.

The aim of Paris Rental is to assist you in your search for a furnished two-bedroom apartment and, if you are a landlord, to put you in touch with your future tenant.

Paris Rental Services are dedicated to landlords and tenants of Paris Rental company. A Chinese version of our website is available at this address Paris Rental Chinese. If you want to discover our property management offer, please visit the website of Home Management.