The many advantages of working with Home Management!

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Home Management is a subsidiary of De Circourt Associates-Paris Rental, and manages your furnished apartment while it's occupied. The stress of owning a rental property in Paris vanishes!

Home Management

For Owners of Furnished Rentals in Paris
(for buildings without an elevator: only up to the 3rd floor)

  • package_renting-01

    Renting Your Apartment

    Finding new tenants
    Managing tenant arrival
    Organizing check-in and check-out
    Monthly tenant invoices and receipts
    Preparation of monthly
    accounting statements
    Payment of income to owner's account

  • maintenance


    Annual maintenance: boiler,
    chimney sweeping, etc.
    Repairs and keeping features up to code
    Renewal of housing insurance
    Calculation of the annual rent increase

  • package_paperwork


    Payment of property taxes and building charges to the syndic
    Payment to various entities for things like supplies, renovations, etc.
    Reimbursing security deposit to tenant
    Preparing tax return on property income


8.5% + 20% VAT on all collected sums. Total : 10.20% TTC

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