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The Corporate apartments presented by Paris Rental reflect the essential needs of professional expatriates looking for a "pied-à-terre" in Paris. Whether for a business traveler, a company executive, or an ambassador, Paris Rental will find the ideal company rental lease for your official accommodation. What are you looking for?


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For new owners, corporate rentals may be less familiar than primary residence rentals. However, given the importance of professional expatriations in France, it is good to know the reality of a lease according to the civil code. Renting accommodations for official residences brings significant advantages. Employees of international companies and diplomats generally offer good guarantees and provide long-term rentals ranging from 1 year to 3 years in most cases. In some instances, rentals last six years. To obtain this, the apartments presented for corporate rentals must display several characteristics.

To meet the demand of professional expatriates, landlords who rent corporate apartments must offer unique qualities. For example, housing on a high floor is preferable to avoid noise and poor lighting on the ground floor. Sometimes, diplomats require a service staircase with an exit different from that of the main entrance. Of course, a furnished apartment equipped with a ready-to-use internet connection and air conditioning to boot will find a long-term rental corporate tenant right away. Also, corporate leasing requires as many bathrooms as bedrooms and several toilets. Do not forget that corporate customers have traveled and stayed in the most beautiful hotels and are used to more than standard comfort: large showers, comfortable furniture, widescreen for home cinema, beds with good mattresses, 2 meters long, and equipped kitchen for a chef! In our experience, a reception room and a separate dining room, or a living/dining room with a large table allowing to seat at least eight people represents a working comfort for a professional meeting followed by a meal. And when the large screen allows to display documents or to have a videoconference, the apartment is a sure winner.

Although Corporate tenants mainly represent professionals from large companies, the civil code lease corresponds with several profiles. Corporate furnished rentals concern employees, and executives of companies looking for professional accommodation with a company lease. Official apartments are sought after and granted to professionals from multinational companies and diplomats from embassies, consulates, and Chambers of Commerce in search of accommodation close to their legation. Recently, Brexit expatriates and business travelers regularly making the round trip between London and Paris, are also looking for a corporate rental either for themselves or for the relocation of their employees in Paris. American expatriates, whether they come from New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles, are very appreciated by Parisian owners for their seriousness and their professional dynamism, qualities which reassure them for a long term rental in Paris.

Paris Rental, a high-end real estate agency, has specialized for 33 years in the rental of luxury furnished apartments for professional expatriates and diplomats transferred to Paris. Drawing on its experience with more than 500 multinationals in aeronautics, pharmaceuticals, banking, petroleum, fashion, etc., the Paris Rental agency also rents furnished apartments to government institutions and their diplomats for rental periods over three years and a corporate civil code lease.