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Paris Rental - Our History


Back from expatriation for 15 years in the United States, Claire de Circourt used her experience as an entrepreneur, and her knowledge of service “the American way” to start a real estate company dedicated to long term furnished apartment rentals in Paris.
Missing the international openness that she had known in New-York, and being customer-oriented, Claire was happy to facilitate language communication between French and Americans by hiring a multilingual team, therefore creating a real estate agency out of the ordinary at the time.
De Circourt Associates was founded in 1987, associating Claire’s sister to the adventure.

From the outset, the real estate agency De Circourt Associates has been internationally oriented and turned to the needs of expats for furnished rentals in Paris, just before the era of globalization. As a result, De Circourt Associates "Homes for Executives" was the first real estate agency dedicated to corporate leasing for expat executives from international companies and global government agencies based in Paris.
For years, the headline "Homes for Executives" has described the company’s vocation, until it was eventually replaced by “Paris Rental”, in 1994, when the name of the website ParisRental.com took over from the reputation of De Circourt Associates on the net. Paris Rental has communicated so well about its business in Paris that, in recent years, many competitors have used the name by affixing all sorts of qualifiers. But there is only one Paris Rental!

Paris Rental

Paris Rental is a luxury furnished rental agency specializing in long-term rentals for Expatriates, International Companies, Embassies and Government Organizations whose nationals moving to the Parisian capital need to establish themselves, sometimes in less than 24 hours.
With over 30 years of experience, Paris Rental still pays particular attention to listening to its customers’ needs and to target their requests on the first contact. In this way, the apartments presented are faithful to the expectations of the corporate client who wastes no time visiting flats that do not comply with the desired location, nor the budget allocated. As such, all stakeholders in the client company (HR, occupant, etc.) save a great deal of time and money.

Each client is being accompanied by a personal consultant of Paris Rental’ team, whether in English or in one of the many languages ​​spoken in the company. The Paris Rental consultants are at ease in an international environment, and can therefore anticipate their customers’ needs whenever an apartment is selected from abroad, way before their client arrives in France. At Paris Rental, grouped apartments’ visits or visits delegated to the landlords do not exist! The customer service is personalized all the way to signing of the lease contract, and an English translation is given in support.
Paris Rental is knowledgeable of the new laws, contracts and documents required for a apartment rental lease, and it relies on high level lawyers to remain an expert in its field.

Furnished Rental

Specialist in long-term furnished rental in Paris since 1987, Paris Rental pays particular attention to the apartments they list for rent. All amenities and comfort sought after by expatriates from multinational companies and world organizations settling in Paris are present in the furnished accommodations.
Most apartments presented by Paris Rental have the criteria which expats require, such as several bathrooms and toilets in two-bedroom apartments and larger ones. Unfortunately, in some Haussmann buildings, the bathrooms and toilets are sometimes insufficient in number, due to the construction of the times. However, the reception rooms, the high ceilings, the old moldings, the fire-places and size of the rooms are sought-after assets. Among the criteria required, comfort and functionality are essential, and must be regularly adapted to current needs: sufficient power outlets throughout the apartment, internet and home cinema,plenty of lamps, comfortable sofas - even the sofa bed - a fully equipped and functional kitchen, bathrooms equipped with showers, comfortable bedding and all the necessary appliances. The fact that Internet is already in function at the time of the apartment visit can be a decisive criteria.
Unsuitable for the clientele of Paris Rental, the studios are not part of our listing, norn are the apartments requiring refurbishings here and there. Furthermore, Paris Rental makes certain that the electricity and gas diagnoses are up to standards, and that lead, asbestos, termites verification have been duly performed by a professional company, and that the apartment is clear!
The furnished apartments of Paris Rental are located in the most beautiful districts of Paris, but they also are in districts where international companies’ headquarters, as well as governmental organizations settled to benefit from larger office space than those found in the center of Paris.
Your search for a furnished apartment with Paris Rental is facilitated by the following selection criteria: metro, district, rentals "prestige" and international schools nearby. Similarly, pictograms at the bottom of the map featured on each apartment indicate where the supermarkets, open air markets, gyms, car parks, and international schools are located.
Everything is designed to help the new expat in Paris to find his "Home Sweet Home" as soon as possible!

Rental Management

Anxious to meet the needs of the owners of furnished apartments designed for expatriates, Paris Rental founded “Home Management” in 1997, a subsidiary company to tend to Paris Property Management.
Home Management takes care of managing the apartments of the owners wishing to entrust their property for rental, and to delegate the relationship with the tenant for a total freedom and serenity. Home Management ensures the preservation of one’s real estate assets during the rental period and between each tenancy. The apartment is cared for to avoid any deterioration such as water damage (most common in Paris), and is restored immediately. The relationship with the tenant during a disaster is facilitated thanks to Home Management’s diligence.
Offering prices adapted to the owners residing abroad or in the French province, the Gold package allows to be rid of all administrative hassle, in addition to having property management tended for.
The Silver package allows a lesser cost, still it relieves the owner of the usual management of his apartment and of any difficulty in communication with his expatriate tenant. For more information, Home Management.fr is at your disposal!

Sale and Purchase

In line with its rental and home management services, Paris Rental has developed its "Sales and Purchase" service. Indeed, when the owners have given their trust for many years to De Circourt Associates / ParisRental, it seems logical that the latter would be more capable to describe their apartment’s qualities, and to inform of its profitability since Paris Rental had rented the furnished apartment for years to a demanding clientele.
In the same way, tenants who have been living in Paris for two or three years have often wanted to invest in a pied-à-terre in Paris, so that they can return to France one week, from time to time, between each rental. In many cases, Paris Rental has continued to rent and manage furnished apartments that were sold by its intermediary.


Since 1987, more than 20,000 homeowners and more than 500 companies have trusted De Circourt Associates / Paris Rental. This long experience is the warrant of the essential knowledge of the furnished rental market and of the expatriate clientele in Paris by Paris Renal. (customer testimonials)
Paris Rental shares this knowledge with its customers through Newsletters and informative blogs related to the Long Term Corporate Furnished Rental, but also to the vagaries of life in Paris and how to get by.

De Circourt Associates has given support and advice to homeowners, as well as to the HR directors of the companies throughout the evolution of the real estate market, the new administrative constraints, as well as the risks inherent to any rental, like keys lost, disasters of all kinds, help with departure procedures, cancellation of subscriptions, preparation of the inventory of fixtures, return of the deposit, etc.

Services offered by Paris Rental:

Newsletters and blogs keep Paris Rental customers regularly informed on real estate actuality. Similarly, a FAQ (frequently asked questions), as well as standard letters adapted to all kinds of rental situations are available on Parisrental.com and Homemanagement.fr

Welcome to Paris!