Our History

Our History


After 14 years living in the US, Claire de Circourt put to use her businesswoman experience and her service knowledge acquired in America. In 1987, already ready for globalization, she created a real estate company selling furnished rentals to corporate expatriates muted to Paris.

Long term furnished rental
Paris Rental

Ever since, Paris Rental standing kept growing. As of now, more than 20 000 landlords and 500 companies used Paris Rental services and keep according them their trust. This extensive experience is the guarantee of an indispensable knowledge of the furnished rental market and the needs of expatriate clients in Paris.

The apartments presented by Paris Rental offer the appreciated criteria of expatriates, including high-quality furniture and bedding, a fully equipped kitchen, double-pane windows, a home cinema, multiple bathrooms, and toilets for two-bedroom apartments and more. Only Haussmannian buildings sometimes make an exception to the rule with a limited number of bathrooms and toilets due to the construction style inherent to the Third Second Empire era (1853-1870). However, the reception rooms, high ceilings, antique moldings, and the size of the rooms, as well as the splendid common areas of the building, are highly sought-after assets.

The furnished apartments of Paris Rental are located in the most beautiful neighborhoods of Paris, but also in areas where multinational company headquarters and government organizations are established, as the splendid common areas of the building are highly sought after.

Property management
Home Management

In order to meet the needs of owners of furnished apartments for expatriates, Paris Rental established its Parisian real estate management subsidiary, "Home Management," in 1997.

Home Management takes care of managing the apartments for owners who wish to entrust their property to rental management and delegate the relationship with the tenant. Thus, these owners of furnished apartments can leave Paris at their leisure and enjoy complete peace of mind.

Reassuring presence

Paris Rental and Home Management teams are here for you and reachable by phone – which is rare today – by email, and on social media.

Moreover, Paris Rental stays close to its clients through monthly newsletters and blogs related to Long-Term Furnished Rentals and life in Paris, providing tips on navigating various situations (towing, etc.).

Welcome to Paris Rental !