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Let Paris Rental bring you total peace of mind

Our priority is to offer you a serious tenant:
  • Expatriates and their families
  • Businesses
  • World Organizations
  • Artists
  • On Sabbatical
  • Academics
  • In-Between Homes
  • Medical Care

Rental Services Offered

When we rent your apartment, we take care of everything!
Our services are grouped in 2 packs:

Ready to rent
Ready to rent
Ready to rent

Apartment Management


Ready to rent your apartment?

Paris Rental organizes the following services:


- appointment with a professional photographer and a videographer
- referral of companies to carry out Real Estate diagnostics  
- recommendations for furnishings and decor
- promotion of your apartment on (20,000 visitors per month) and on social networks
- apartment viewing with potential tenants
- visit report of the clients' observations
- collecting client's guarantees 
- preview of the rental contract in English
- signing of the lease with the tenant on-site or remotely 
- arrange utility subscriptions (electricity, gas, Internet) in the name of the tenant
- walkthrough & inventory




Home Management,

Paris rental subsidiary


With this service, you can expect us to take care of:

  • Find new tenants and manage the relationship during the tenancy
  • Monthly payment of rent directly to the owner's account
  • Maintenance and follow-up of repairs in the apartment
  • Assistance and follow-up of claims in case of water damage
  • And much more on
+33 (0)1 43 12 98 00
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