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Paris Rental provides the luxury of customer service.
You will be accompanied throughout your apartment search by a Client Relations Consultant until you are completely satisfied. Move into a new home properly insured, with utilities and Internet installed!

Classic Rental Package

  • package_home


    Browse apartments online
    or trust us to select the best.
    Then we'll organize your visits!

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    Get help assembling your rental file
    and get a preview of your lease agreement
    before final signature.

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    Have utilities, home insurance and
    Internet all set up in your name!


Corporate housing / secondary residence:

The Classic Pack is dedicated to "Corporate" Expatriates, "Business Travelers", Embassies and other government agencies, expats in sabbatical year or staying in Paris for university studies or medical reasons and looking for renting a "Profesionnal Housing in Paris.

Services included in the fee for your apartment rental:

  • Several selections of furnished apartments matching the needs of the client
  • Notification for daily new apartments corresponding to number of rooms, budget and favorite district.
  • Additional photos of the apartment for rent
  • Need a virtual tour? You’ll be sent a video of the selected furnished apartment
  • Accompaniment to visit apartments by your own “home rental expert”
  • Assistance with your the rental file :
      - guarantees, passport / visa, residence card, bank account statement (RIB);
      - The guarantees are : tax notice, payslips, employer's certificate, joint surety, guarantee from Guarantme or bank guarantee, and for University students : parents' financial guarantee and school registration certificate.
      - For a company, requested informations are : KBIS excerpt (less than 6 months), the balance sheet, power of attorney from the signatory.
  • Review and validation of the lease before signature of the parties (English translation provided)
  • Opening of electricity and gas contracts
  • TriplePlay" internet subscription: internet, telephone, TV, in tenant’s name and charge (180€ TTC box installation)
  • Assistance with subscription of Housing Insurance: mandatory.
  • Introduction to bank partners for opening a bank account
  • Organization of the entry and exit walkthrough


Paris Rental’s fee is due at the signing of the lease.

For a rental of one year and over, the fee corresponds to 10% of the annual rent:
  • Company Lease: the VAT (20%) is above = 1,44 month TTC*
  • Individual Lease: the VAT (20%) is included = 1,2 month TTC*
For a rental of less than a year, the fee represents one month rent:
  • Company Lease: one month rent + VAT = 1,2 month TTC*
  • Individual Lease: one month’s rent VAT (20%) included = 1 month TTC *
Not all of the apartments listed are eligible for Residence Principale (loi Alur)
When eligible:
  • The rental fee paid by the tenant corresponds to 12€ TTC /m² (visit, file’s constitution, and lease)
  • The owner pays a rental fee corresponding to 1 month rent, charges included, VAT included

*TTC means (Toutes Taxes Comprises) all taxes included

Additional Packages

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We can make introductions between your family and the international schools of Paris:

Meeting with admissions departments

Organization of school visits

Personalized advice

Guidance through successful enrollment


420 € TTC per school and per child or

420 € TTC and 120 € TTC for each additional enrollment at the same school

(420 € TTC is equal to our 350 € fee + TVA 20%
et 120 € TTC is equal to our 100 € fee + TVA 20%)

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