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Renting in Paris

Although the furnished rental apartment market in Paris may appear complex, it is actually quite manageable if you are familiar with some key guidelines.

Paris, tense zone

Paris is considered a "tense zone." Tenants must provide one month's notice before leaving. So the availability date of the apartment for rent is known one month in advance. Therefore, the closer your move-in date, the more likely you will find an apartment! There are many new apartments available every month.

Rental file ready

To be sure not to miss out on an apartment, because you're not ready yet, consider filling your application before scheduling visits. Our blog will help you out:

How to fill a rental application ?

The Parisian market

Furnished 1 Bedroom

For a 1-bedroom apartment, expect to pay rent between 1300 and 2200€/month, depending on the apartment's location.

For a prestigious apartment with a large living room in the 6th district of Paris with a view of the Eiffel Tower, the budget can rise to about 3000€/month.

For smaller budgets, we recommend these lively Parisian neighborhoods suitable for students and young professionals:

Oberkampf-Republique ( 11th ) Bois de Vincennes ( 12th ) Gobelins ( 13th ) Montparnasse ( 14th ) Convention ( 15th )

Furnished 2 Bedrooms

For a furnished two-bedroom apartment in Paris, count between 2000€ and 3500€ per month.

For a Prestige apartment with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, two toilets, and even a balcony or terrace, the rent will start at 4000 € in the Golden Triangle area.

If you are looking for a lively neighborhood with a warm and trendy atmosphere we suggest the following:

Bastille / Le Marais ( 4th ) Madeleine / Opéra ( 1st ) Ternes / Wagram ( near Arc de Triomphe and Etoile )

Furnished 3 Bedrooms

The budget will vary greatly depending on the apartment location.

In the 15th/16th districts, rents vary from 3 500€ to 7 000€ monthly, depending on the comfort level of the accommodation. For example, the rent can climb to 10 000€ /month and more for a "Hôtel Particulier."

The most popular neighborhoods for families are:
  • The neighborhoods most appreciated by families are: the 16th district for its calm and proximity to international schools
  • the 17th district
  • the 15th district with its parks and markets
  • the prestigious 7th district
  • Saint-Germain-des-Prés ( 6th )

The role of Paris Rental


Paris Rental and its multilingual team's role is to
simplify your search for an apartment and make your move to
Paris easy. We accompany you through 7 steps:

Seven steps7 steps

Step 01


Contact Paris rental
Start your research between 4 and 6 weeks before your arrival.

Contact us:
Your maximum budget
The chosen neighborhoods
Your rental date and duration
Step 02


Rental visits
You have selected rentals you're interested in ; your assigned consultant will guide you through the visits
Step 03


Make your choice
You have chosen the apartment that best suits your needs. Then Paris Rental will notify the owner.
Step 04


The application includes :
Passport / Visa (original)
Last notice of assessment
Certificate of employment (Last three pay slips)
Scolarship certificate (studying tenants)
Bank ID
A guarantor can also be required .
Step 05


Finalizing the contract
You and the landlord have mutually agreed upon the lease terms, and all payment amounts have been specified.
Step 06


You will meet the landlord (or his representative) and Paris Rental will be there to answer all your questions about the lease.
Step 07


You meet the landlord at the apartment to do the inventory. The condition of the apartment and its furnitures will be written down. It will be used when leaving as a benchmark.
The condition of the apartment can be written down by a bailiff as well.

You now have the keys of your place !