Renting in Paris

The furnished rental market in Paris is unlike any other rental market and can be complicated.

Generally, apartment availability is known one to two months in advance.
The closer to your move-in date, the better!

When you have found the apartment you like, there are various
required documents that you will need to constitute a «dossier».

ParisRental makes it our goal to simplify the process as much as possible for you.

The 7-Step Process

When you get in touch with us, make sure to tell us:

  • your maximum budget
  • your preferred location
  • the dates you’ll live in the apartment
  • These are the most important criteria!

Begin your search between 4-6 weeks prior to your move-in date: the availability of apartments is more certain!

Once you have selected the apartments you’re interested in, your Paris Rental consultant will accompany you at each visit until you find the right one.
Choose the apartment that best meets your needs. Paris Rental then notifies the owner.
A reservation commitment may be asked to secure the apartment until the lease is approved by both parties.

Usually landlords request to have copies of the following:

Passport / Visa (original)
Last tax return
Proof of employment (last three payslips)
If a student, letter of registration at a university
French bank details (RIB)

And sometimes:

A personal guarantee from a third party, a guarantee from an employer, or a bank guarantee (letter of credit).

Both you and the landlord have approved the terms of the lease (English version available), and all amounts due have been explained to you.
You meet with the landlord, or a representative, and Paris Rental is there to help obtain answers to any questions you have.

You and the landlord meet at the apartment to do the walkthrough (état des lieux): an on-site inspection of the rental prior to moving in and once again when moving out. An inventory of the furnishings is also taken. When you leave, these documents will serve as a comparison of the apartment’s condition.

You are then handed the keys to your new home. Welcome!

What it Costs to Rent an Apartment
with Paris Rental

You know the monthly rent, but there are additional costs you may not be familiar with.

Download Paris Rental’s What To Expect Financially Tip Sheet to help you understand exactly what’s required of you before making an apartment your home.

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