Owners' Testimonials

Ms. Norman

ParisRental / De Circourt Associates offers unique high-quality real estate advice thanks to their expertise of the Parisian market, their responsiveness, the quality of their follow-up, the availability of their team, and the seriousness of their management.

I own several apartments in Paris, and I have exclusively delegated the search of tenants to ParisRental since 2006. Despite the difficult times due to the crisis, I never had vacancy periods but, on the contrary, an occupancy of 100%, which ensures a high profitability for my real estate properties.

I attribute this significant result to the quality of ParisRental's services -- in particular, to their seriousness when selecting tenants and their ability to be attentive to clients' needs.

Mr. Mignon

We absolutely trust ParisRental / De Circourt Associates. Their clients perfectly match our luxurious features and we appreciated, above all, that there was no vacancy between tenants.

Ms. Reims

I wanted to take the opportunity to say how very satisfied I am to work with you. In effect, you know how to combine courtesy and efficiency in a manner which is both direct and trustworthy. I thank you very much.

Best popular apartments.

Mr. Olivier

I wish to express my deep gratitude and satisfaction for the quality of your services: attention, seriousness, punctuality, professionalism and friendliness.

In each of the three situations where I called upon your services, I have felt nothing but satisfaction. Furthermore, you have introduced me to scrupulous and polite tenants which, these days, is rare.

Once again, thank you.

Mr. Porter

I regret that ParisRental does not have an office in the South of France. There is no agency on the coast as efficient, nor as close to its clientele, or with a website as complete.

Ms. Bertrand

Thank you for your application and efficiency. Once again and with no hesitation, I entrust ParisRental / De Circourt Associates to find a serious tenant for my apartment on rue Saint-Dominique. The last tenant was perfect for this type of apartment and I will be happy to find the same profile once again.

Ms. Cotter

We've been renting out our Paris apartments with ParisRental / De Circourt Associates for over six years now. It's always a pleasure to work with a team that is so professional and caring at the same time.


Now that our professional relationship has been established for several years, I can confirm that I'm satisfied: it is a trustworthy relationship, much needed as I don't live in Paris. The tenants you have found for me have been good, paying their rent regularly and keeping up with the apartment. The terms of the lease have been respected. Moreover, I always receive a warm welcome when calling upon the ParisRental team.


I must tell you that I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending ParisRental. I've worked with your agency for nearly 5 years now when I first started renting out my apartment.

Since then, I'm convinced of your interest in working with professionals. Not only have you always presented me with multiple potential candidates, but they all conformed to exactly what I was looking for, saving me time and inspiring confidence and tranquility.

That's why when I meet people in the same situation today, I recommend that they follow my path. Furthermore, I greatly appreciate the liveliness and kindness of your team.

Best popular apartments.


Thank you for all your work; I'm very satisfied with our collaboration. With my apartment rented, I can now leave for the Phillipines relaxed and reassured. I'll definitely hold on to your contact details.

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