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Recurring conflicts between tenants and owners

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Recurring conflicts between tenants and owners


Every year, rental disputes carry on with at the top of the list and in this order :  deposit, rental charges, disturbances of enjoyment ...
These problems are often due to a difficulty of communication between the tenant and the owner.


When the origin of the complaint is not related to the lessor's unwillingness to return the security deposit, it often results from a disagreement between the two parties during the “inventory of the housing” or from a dispute over the repair bill

Complaints related to disturbance of enjoyment are increasing: the insufficient thermal insulation of the walls and windows, the malfunction of the heating system, ... create conflicts difficult to solve. The materials of the building are sometimes more involved than the life of the occupants.

Conflicts related to rental maintenance charges come third place in the most frequent disputes. These complaints include the abusive and unjustified repercussions of certain expenses on the tenant. Some landlords or “syndic” do not always make accounts easily readable. Hence the impression of being fooled!

Finally, the difficulties encountered by the tenants result from the attitude of the lessor (personal or legal person): non-response to legitimate requests, aggressiveness of the responses, violation of the tenant's home by the owner,... are leading to many future conflicts.

Whether you are tenant or landlord, get on the phone! Do not wait for minute problems to get huge.

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