Living Better in Paris

The ultimate checklist for your move to Paris

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1. Book the parking space for your moving truck in advance
2. Energy contracts and the Internet subscription
3. Stock up on cartons
4. What is the cost of a move to Paris?
5. Moving to Paris from abroad

Moving to a foreign country is never easy, especially in big cities like Paris. Every task is challenging, from packing all your belongings and scheduling the transportation to subscribing to new utility contracts.

For every step to go as smoothly as planned, it is necessary to make proper preparation at the right time. Find out more about how to prepare for moving to Paris.

Planning parking: book a parking space for your moving truck in advance

Paris has some of the worst traffic jams in Europe, with slow circulation, roadwork, and lack of parking space. So you can imagine that traffic can be a big problem on your moving day if you don't prepare for it. 

Therefore, it is highly recommended to reserve a parking spot under or not too far from the apartment building for your moving truck so that you can have peace of mind and unload your belongings without disturbing the traffic. You can book the parking place by contacting the town hall directly, which will offer you to take the measurements for free. However, keep in mind that if the parking place is chargeable in your part of the city, you will have to pay the amount due.


Manage energy and Internet connection contracts

Paris has been ranked as the seventh priciest city in the world. Living in Paris and renting in Paris, you must be prepared for higher living expenses, rent, or other rental charges. That is why evaluating your monthly budget in advance, including the choice of energy contracts, is very necessary. For example, EDF (Electricity of France) might not be your ideal choice if you want a cheaper offer. This energy supplier is largely owned by the French State. That is why it must adapt to the State’s regulated energy prices. Thus, the competitors take advantage and offer much more reasonable offers.

In addition, do not hesitate to arrange your Internet subscription in advance to avoid spending your first days in Paris without a connection. It usually takes days and days to get an appointment for the Internet installation in Paris. Therefore, we recommend you contact the Internet service provider at least two weeks before your moving date

Tips for purchasing moving boxes

Since you have scheduled your move, you can now concentrate on the departure. Most people prefer to pack their belongings into cartons because it is lightweight, durable, and cheap. Of course, you can buy cartons, but we do not recommend this expensive solution. Indeed, nothing is more accessible than getting boxes, so why throw your money away?

Many business establishments throw away countless boxes daily, for example, supermarkets or pharmacies. So do not hesitate to approach these business owners and ask if you can take their unwanted cartons or you will find them in the streets. 

Estimating the cost of a relocation in Paris

Preparing for your move also means evaluating the price. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to estimate the precise cost in a short amount of time. However, several criteria can affect the price, and here are some most essential ones:

Housing area:

  • The distance between the two locations
  • The volume of items to be moved
  • Potential obstacles (furniture that does not come through the door, many stairs to go through, etc.)
  • Any additional services (furniture lift, for example)

There are several ways you can try to lower the moving cost. First, try to move your items without big arms if possible. And call your friends who can help you load and unload your belongings; this will allow you to save a few euros.

If you still have to call a moving company, get several quotes from different agencies, and compare them to find the best offer.

Adcives for expats on moving to Paris from abroad

If you come from abroad, some additional preparations must be considered, especially from an administrative point of view. First, update your identity document, such as your passport, and ensure that it is valid until the end of your stay in France. Next, go through all the documents and conditions requested for entry. Finally, group all the documents in a single file, and make some copies just in case.

As for the transport, it is recommended to take the bare necessities and leave or sell the rest, like those heavy objects like furniture or household appliances, especially because the electrical sockets can vary from country to country. Indeed, shipping those items abroad will surely cost you a fortune or even delay your plan.

Finally, if you could move without your car, please do so, because bringing your vehicle into France will cost you a lot of money.

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