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Best Real Estate Agency in Paris

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Best Real Estate Agency in Paris


For 33 years, the Real Estate Agency Paris Rental is dedicated to finding a furnished long term apartment rental for expats and companies who want to settle stress-free in Paris.


"Best Real Estate Agency 2018" - Expatriates Magazine

Two years ago, the famous Expatriates Magazine in its “Annual Best Of Paris magazine”, elected our real estate agency the “Best Real Estate Agency 2018” and we are happy to share this recognition with our readers.



This reward has been granted thanks to all the clients satisfied by the service provided by the real estate agency “Paris Rental”. Thus, the selection of Paris Rental for “The best real estate agency in Paris in 2018”.
Here is what Expatriates Magazine says :

Paris Rental was created to service the expatriates’ needs for high-quality furnished apartments, fully-equipped, and ready to live in. Paris Rental also represents the owners looking to rent their apartments. These Landlords and investors are often expatriates themselves. Over the past thirty years, more than 20,000 owners and 500 companies have trusted Paris Rental with their business.Expatriates Magazine.


"The Tailor-Made Agency For Exectives Moving To Paris" - Forbes France Magazine


In the summer of 2019, the corporate magazine, Forbes France, wrote two articles on account of “Paris Rental, the tailor-made agency for executives moving in Paris”.

One of these articles is on Forbes’ French website, a digital version that can be seen on this link “Best real estate agency in Paris for expatriates & executives”.

The 2nd article is available on the trimestrial business magazine Forbes, “PRESTIGE APARTMENTS OF PARIS RENTAL FOR MOVING EXECUTIVES”.

Quoting Claire de Circourt, Paris Rental Founder, “The notion of service was not developed in France (thirty years ago), and the service of furnished apartment rentals for executives and ambassadors did not exist yet”; moreover, “each client is accompanied up to the moment he/she settles in the apartment and can drop their luggage”. Paris Rental is a real help for companies that need high standing, ready-to-live apartments for their employees. “We listen to our clients and propose apartments that fit their requests. The Paris Rental Team speaks several languages. From English to Chinese, from French to Spanish, from Italian to German, clients feel they are on a familiar territory”. This description corresponds to Paris Rental’s main goal to service his clients, and this is why the company has been elected “Best Real Estate agency in Paris”. Forbes.

"Best Real Estate Agency In Paris" - Chinese E-Centime Website


At the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020, Paris Rental has appeared on the renowned Chinese E-Centime website, a channel for European brands to Chinese consumers who trust this shopping community to find the brands, products, and services they are looking for. Our real estate agency Paris Rental is praised in the article “How to find an apartment in Paris with “The best real estate agency, Paris Rental!”.


"Innovative Real Estate Agency in France" - Coup Franc Magazine


We are pleased to inform you that our real estate agency Paris Rental is selected by Magazine Coup Franc in December of 2020 as one of the innovative real estate agencies in France. Our expertise in long-term prestigious furnished rentals is praised in the latest article “Paris Rental nous présente la location meublée haut de gamme de longue durée”.


"Reliable Real Estate Agency" - Agency France Électricité


Paris Rental is being recognized by more and more industry partners.

The reputable French electric utility company - Agence France Électricité has endorsed Paris Rental as a reliable and reputable real estate agency on their website in October 2020. Here is what they say about Paris Rental: “Agence immobilière de confiance pour louer à Paris : Paris Rental”.


"Professional And Thoughtful Real Estate Agency" - Papernest 


The Innovative French startup - Papernest which specialized in moving services, has recommended Paris Rental to its clients on its recent article “Paris rental, des professionnels de la location meublée pour votre confort”. It recognized and highly appreciated Paris Rental’s expertise on long-term furnished rentals as well as the thoughtful services. 


 "Company Lease Specialist" - B2B Journal 


The reputable French professional journal - B2B Journal, has mentioned Paris Rental as a specialist on company lease in its recent article “Ce qu’il faut savoir sur la location meublée corporate”.


 "Long-term Furnished Rental Specialist" - MELO 


Here is what a real estate expert says about renting a furnished apartment in Paris. Our real estate agency Paris Rental is praised in the latest article from this amazing innovative real estate expert - MELO: “How To Find A Furnished Apartment In Paris”. You will find some useful tips concerning apartment hunting in Paris.


 "Worriless apartment hunting option" - Pretto 


The Innovative French startup - Pretto which is specialized in mortgage, has recommended Paris Rental to its clients in its recent article: “How To Find A Furnished Apartment In Paris”. 


"The Real Estate Expert" - My expat


The French real estate expert - My expat, which is specialized in property investment for the French expatriates has recommended the real estate agency Paris Rental to its expatriate clients in its recent article «"How much does it cost and how to optimize the rental of my apartment in Paris?». 


"What Our Clients Say" 


Finally, Paris Rental is proud to share its friendly customers’ reviews appearing on Google MyBusiness. These testimonials are a guarantee of the quality of service and reliability provided by Paris Rental to its clients for the last 30 years+.

Here are examples of testimonials written on Google My Business:

I have recently moved to a beautiful apartment in the 14th district of Paris, after a very good and effective collaboration with Paris Rental. The team was very kind, respectful, and responded promptly to my questions/ concerns. Many thanks to Adriana for her professional and warm attitude.” ELENA.

Paris Rental’s representatives were very helpful in identifying suitable apartments in Paris for my stay. I dealt with Jules who spoke excellent English.” ERIC
Genuinely professional fast service. I was introduced and referred by my classmate to this agency. Genuinely professional and fast. It was surprising .. and I was very happy to meet this lady named Summer.” … “ She even brought me in their offIce and her associates accommodated me so kindly. … “their team is very professional and Summer always responds to phone calls and emails immediately. I highly recommend using her best service.” EMERAUDE

At last, we pride in having been elected “the Best Real estate Agency in Paris”, and Paris Rental and its team remain happy to help you find your best-furnished apartment in Paris. Welcome!

Our team is available by phone at +33 (0)1 43 12 98 00, by email at or page contact, and on all our socials networks.


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