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How to Find a Parking Spot in Paris

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Updated 2020/01/15

Searching for parking in Paris wastes time and energy. Not counting the fines, damages, towing, pollution and stress, searching for a spot eats up 300€ of fuel a year!

For one-off, on-the-spot parking, download the free BePark app. Available in many European cities, this app displays parking options and pricing based on your exact location. Another app, PayByPhone allows you to pay the meter directly on your smartphone. Another option is to purchase La Paris Carte, a prepaid card for parking on the streets of Paris. It's available at most tabacs, and like a credit card, it can be used at any parking meter.

Are you seeking a spot near your office or your furnished apartment? Choose from over 450,000 spaces to rent and buy in Paris at,, Zenpark and Q-Park Résa. When renting a parking spot with an individual, it can cost 40-70% less than what you would pay at public parking structures. Also, our team at ParisRental can help both you and your vehicle find a home! Simply select the "parking" option on our search to browse apartment rentals that include parking on the premises or have it nearby.

Considering investing in a parking space? Prices have climbed in the last 20 years, but Le Figaro (article in French) reported in 2015 that a parking spot can rake in a 6-8% return on investment! Purchasing one will cost you  anywhere from 5,000€ to 50,000€, but it all depends on location. Where garages are rare - Hôtel de Ville, Le Marais, the Left Bank, Saint-Germain-des-Près and the Triangle d'Or -- monthly rent can cost around 500€. Parking near the périphérique, on the other hand, may cost less than 100€ per month.

Now armed with all the parking knowledge, you know that you, your family and your car will all have a home in Paris.

Photo by Handi Sugihartian