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How to make space in your Parisian apartment?

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Tips for Maximizing Spaces 

You have been living in Paris for several years, and you realize that your apartment is getting smaller over the years and seriously lacks space. Unfortunately, living and renting in big cities like Paris sometimes means that you have to fight for spaces in your accommodation. Here are several solutions for you to maximize space in your Parisian apartment.

The most radical, and certainly the most expensive solution, would be to move into a bigger apartment. But as you know, renting in Paris is becoming more difficult than ever, and prices are soaring! So we will not go into details of this solution but instead find other, less expensive alternatives.

Check out the tips below for making space in your Parisian rental apartment.

Organize your belongings

The first solution is to organize your stuff and clear your space. This solution may seem simple at first glance, but it may take time because it is never easy to sort through all your belongings. Therefore, when you start going through your stuff, focus on the problem areas and never lose sight of your final goal: to make space. Leave the emotions and sentiments aside to be efficient and let everything you don't need and don't like go. If you struggle with organizing and tidying up, this TV show might give you some idea - Tidying up with Marie Kondo. This step will allow you to regain space in your apartment. But a question may arise after. What are you going to do with it? Several possibilities are available for you: give them away, sell or store them in a storage box in Paris. We will detail this solution later in this article.

Use all your spaces

1. Take advantage of the vertical height 

The second solution is to save space in your apartment rental and take advantage of the vertical height. Indeed, you will always have room above all your doors. And you can put shelves in it to store stuff you won't use daily.

2. Maximize under-bed storage

You can always find hidden spaces in your home: under your bed or sofa. To maximize those spaces, you can slide drawers, suitcases, or shoe organizers. Nowadays, some beds even come with wheeled drawers or casters. If you opt for this solution, do not forget to store your belongings in boxes or drawers to avoid dust. And on the other hand, before buying that storage, remember to measure the height to be sure that they pass underneath.

under bed storages

3. Explore the corner

Another trick, explore the corners. Likely, several corners of your Parisian apartment might never be used. So you can install corner shelves or a corner table to place your decoration or books there, for example.
Also, this system can be a great alternative if you don't have a bedside table in your bedroom! You can put your bedside lamp, alarm clock, or books there to save space.

under bed storages

4. Use spaces under the stairs

If you live in a duplex apartment and are short on space, you need to take advantage of the space underside the stairs. We don't always think about it, but it can be very useful. For example, you can install a small library or a small wardrobe.

Under stairs storages

Choosing multi-purpose furniture

Multifunctional furniture is always a good idea for small spaces, allowing you to keep clutter at bay and your space tidy. Here are some options for you, such as click-clack sofa beds, a bookcase with a fold-down table, and lift-top coffee tables.

Rent a storage unit in Paris

As we mentioned earlier, after sorting your belongings, you might have to store them in one place outside your apartment! So now, finding a furniture storage solution in Paris will be a great alternative to keep your belongings safe and much more economical than finding a larger accommodation in Paris.


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