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Reasons why you should move to Paris France from the US


Are you in the mood for a change on the move, and you're just looking for a fresh start in a new and dynamic city out of the States? Let us tell you why Paris might be the perfect destination for your next adventure. From beautiful architecture to quality food and affordable healthcare, Paris has a lot to offer. Here are some top reasons why you should seriously consider relocating to Paris from the U.S. :

Living in a timeless tapestry of architectural wonders

Paris is an architectural wonderland, boasting a captivating mix of historic and modern structures that enchant residents and visitors alike. From the iconic Eiffel Tower to the majestic Notre Dame Cathedral, the Paris skyline is adorned with landmarks that witness centuries of architectural genius. The city's picturesque bridges, such as Pont Alexandre III and Pont Neuf, add to its romantic allure. At the same time, the elegant Haussmann buildings, with their uniform facades and wrought-iron balconies, epitomize Parisian charm. Modern architecture, such as La Défense and the contemporary developments along the Rive Gauche in the 13th district, infuse the city with a dynamic urban energy. Loaded with history, Paris' architecture tells the story of a town that has stood the test of time, making it an incomparable destination for lovers of architectural beauty.

Higher-quality food and easily accessible organic products

Seasonal and Locally Sourced Food

In France, food enjoyment is in harmony with the seasons, with most produce grown nearby for maximum freshness. Living in Paris means easy access to high-quality, organic, pesticide-free produce right at your doorstep at a relatively affordable price compared to what you would pay for in Whole Foods or Trader Joe's in the States, thanks to the abundance of farmers' markets and organic stores throughout Paris, such as 

  • La Vie Claire
  • Naturalia
  • Biocoop
  • Bio c'Bon

Magasin bio à Paris Champ Libres - 254 Boulevard Voltaire, 75011 Paris 

Small Producers Over Agribusiness

Parisians prefer food from small producers, supporting local farmers and artisans while indulging in dishes crafted with care and passion, not mass-produced on an assembly line. That's why you'll find several shops on every corner of Paris selling fresh food or artisanal produce from small local producers. 
Here are some of the best organic shops in Paris that sell local farmers & producers' products:

  • Les Glaneuses - Épicerie vrac, zéro déchet, bio & locale
  • Kelbongoo
  • Champs Libres - Épicerie en Circuit Court & Agriculture Durable

Magasin bio à Paris Champ Libres - 254 Boulevard Voltaire, 75011 Paris 

Champ Libres - 254 Boulevard Voltaire, 75011 Paris 

Lean Meats

In France, meat is leaner and healthier, and it is raised in humane conditions without the stress of feedlots, making it better for you and the environment.

Artisanal Cheeses

Cheese is a matter of local pride in Paris. France has a dizzying array of artisanal varieties (more than 1200), each boasting regional specialties. 

Cheese shopping in Paris France

Superior Prepared Meals in France

In France, convenience means something other than sacrificing quality. When it comes to prepared meals, you'll find many options that prioritize freshness and flavor. Shops like Picard and local traiteurs offer a treasure trove of organic, healthy, ready-prepared, or frozen food, ensuring that even on busy days, you can enjoy delicious, nutritious meals without compromise. 

Check out our guide of Paris' best vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free restaurants

Affordable Quality Healthcare in France

High-Quality Social Security Care for Everyone at Low Cost

Paris has a full-service healthcare system that offers high-quality medical care at a very low cost compared to the US. Basic social security provides comprehensive coverage for essential medical services, from routine check-ups to specialized treatment, so you can rest easily knowing your health is in good hands without draining your bank account.

How much does a doctor's visit cost in France?

In general, patients in France pay only a tiny portion (0-25%) of the total bill for doctor's visits, prescriptions, or hospital stays. The compulsory health insurance scheme reimburses 70% of medical costs for most essential medical treatments, with the remaining 30% covered by the patient's supplementary health insurance.
The rate for a consultation with a sector 1 GP is €26.50 ((the "opposable" social security rate, applied by 94% of GPs). Here are the prices of a medical consultation in Sector 1 in 2024:

  • GP or non-GP price: €26.50
  • Dentist fee: €23
  • Dermatologist fee: €31.50
  • Gynecologist fee: €31.50
  • Ophthalmologist fee: €31.50
  • Orthopedic specialist: € 31.50

The basic doctor consultation fee for Sector 2 doctors ("free" Social Security rate) who have signed a special agreement to limit their extra fees (Optam or Optam-CO contract) is €31.50.

For example, a standard consultation with a sector-one GP costs around 26.5 euros under the convention. The Social Security system will refund 70% of the cost, which is 17.55€. You only have to pay the remaining 8,95€ when you don't have supplementary health insurance.

Elevating Care with Affordable Supplementary Health Insurance/Mutuelle

But it doesn't stop there – supplementary health insurance in France takes care to the next level, offering added benefits and coverage for services not covered by the basic plan, called "mutuelle" in French. On average, in France, the price of a top-up mutual insurance plan per month is around €35 for a student, €50 for a young worker, €73 for a 50-year-old, and well over €100 for a retired senior citizen. 

Dual Health Security for Peace of Mind

With the double security of both social and private health care in France, in many cases, you can walk out of the doctor's appointment or get your prescription at the pharmacy without having to pay anything. In France, healthcare isn't just a service—it guarantees well-being, ensuring everyone can lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

This guide explains how to register for social security in France and obtain a French social security number.

Quality Education at Accessible Pricing

Affordable Daycare for Working Parents in Paris

If you have children, you'll appreciate the affordable education options available in Paris. Generally speaking, the price of a private childcare center or nursery school per month in Paris in 2024 is around 779.5 €, ranging from €500 to €1,200, according to your revenues.

Children daycare center

Public Schools: Quality, Cost-Free Education

France's public school system delivers good education at little to no cost. Students benefit from a rigorous curriculum and comprehensive support services from primary to higher education, ensuring excellence without financial burden.

Private International Schools: Prestige Education Without the High Price Tag

For American ex-pats who wish to register their children in private international schools in Paris, private schools offer quality education at relatively lower tuition fees than many other countries. On average, the annual tuition fee for a private international elementary school in Paris in 2024 is around 15375 €, varying from €12,000 to €26,000.

French Universities: Globally Recognized Education

Public Higher Education in France

France's public universities are renowned for their quality and affordability, offering various programs and degrees, including law, medical degrees, etc, without exorbitant fees.
In France, the state subsidizes the cost of higher education, making it affordable for students. Students in public higher education institutions generally pay tuition fees ranging from 175 to 570 Euros per year, depending on the type of degree they are studying for.

Specialized private higher education in France: Business & Engineering schools

Private higher education in France is a symbol of specialized excellence. It offers tailor-made programs in fields such as business and engineering, which are renowned for their quality and innovation. Despite the higher tuition fees than public high schools, the cost of business or engineering schools in France is much lower than in the States.

How much does it cost to attend a business school in France?
According to ESCEN, business school tuition fees in France range from 7,000 to 15,000 euros per year, depending on the school's reputation and the program offered.

How much does it cost to attend an engineering school in France?
Private engineering schools offer higher tuition fees, and prices vary considerably from one school to another. Most expensive schools are located in the Paris region—the tuition fees of private engineering schools in France range from 2500€ to 7000€ per year. For example, one of the most prestigious schools in France, École Polytechnique, costs 6 333 € per year.

Louvre Museum Paris

Sorbonne University

Accessible Cultural Activities in Paris

Immerse yourself in art, history, and culture at every turn in Paris. From world-renowned museums like the Louvre to charming neighborhood galleries, plenty of cultural activities exist to explore. Best of all, many cultural attractions offer discounted or free admission, making cultural activities accessible to everyone.

N.B. Many museums in Paris are free. Others, such as the Louvre, offer a reduced rate for young people under 26 every day of the year.

Louvre Museum Paris

Musée du Louvre

Easy Parisian Public Transportation Networks

Say goodbye to traffic jams and embrace efficient Parisian public transport. Paris boasts a vast network of buses, tramways, metros, and shared bike networks, making it easy to get around the city. With affordable fares and frequent services, you'll wonder why you ever bothered using a car in the first place.

How much does public transport cost in Paris? 

One metro/bus/tramway journey will cost you €2.10 (ticket t+) in Paris for one person and one way, including all your connections, for 1h30 between the first and last validation.

The standard Monthly public transportation card (Navigo) costs 86.40€ per month and covers the entire Ile de France region, including Paris and its suburbs.

Plus, students can benefit from a reduced annual transportation pass called "Forfait imagine R Étudiant", which costs €365 per year and allows unlimited travel throughout the Ile-de-France region (by RER, Metro, Bus, or Tram).

Metro line 6 with Eiffel Tower view in Paris

Plenty of Career Opportunities

Are you looking to advance your career? Paris has a thriving job market with opportunities in various industries, especially if you are interested in working in fashion, luxury industries, art, beauty, or content creation. Whether in finance, tech, or the arts, you'll find ample opportunities to grow and succeed in the City of Light. Paris also has one of Europe's largest and most influential business districts, La Défense. Find out the best neighborhoods to live in Paris during your job reassignment.

Strong Expat Community in Paris

Embracing life in a new country can seem overwhelming, but Paris offers a warm hug from its dynamic expat community. Whether you need advice on navigating the city or are looking for some friendly company, you'll find plenty of support from other expats who have found their place in Paris. Plus, there are several expat-friendly neighborhoods, such as Le Marais and the Batignolles, and it's worth noting that Paris is home to a large population of American expats, so you'll quickly find many fellow expats sharing an apréro with you in a bistro on the street corner.

Empowering Women 

In France, women enjoy a supportive atmosphere, with generous maternity leave, various support for new mothers, and a solid commitment to gender equality in the workplace; France is a leading country for empowering women's rights.

Support for the LGBTQ community in Paris

Paris embraces diversity and inclusivity, making it a welcoming city for the LGBTQ community. It offers a friendly environment with plenty of support and resources. Several neighborhoods in Paris are known for their LGBTQ+ friendliness, offering inclusive environments and vibrant communities, such as Le Marais, Pigalle, Canal Saint-Martin, Bastille, etc. Le Marais is one of Paris's most prominent LGBTQ-friendly neighborhoods, with numerous LGBTQ+-owned businesses, including bars, cafes, clubs, and LGBTQ organizations.

From inclusive events and organizations to LGBTQ-friendly establishments, Paris offers a supportive network where individuals can flourish without fear of discrimination.

Gay Pride in Paris

Slower and Chilled Parisian Lifestyle

The Parisian way of life follows a slower, more relaxed pace. Learn from the locals and savor the simple pleasures:

  • Sip a coffee in a cozy café.
  • Enjoy a meal in lovely sidewalk restaurants.
  • Admire the picturesque views along the Seine.
  • Have an apéro with your friends or colleagues.

Instead of running with your takeaway coffee or rushing through a sandwich at your office, adopt the Parisian approach to work-life balance. This will allow you to fully enjoy the beauty of everyday moments. In Paris, the emphasis isn't just on work—it's on living life to the full.

Terrace in Paris

More Affordable Housing in Paris

Say goodbye to cramped apartments and skyrocketing rent. Paris offers more affordable housing options than many major cities in the US. Whether you're looking to rent an apartment or buy one, you'll find various options to suit your budget and lifestyle.

Average monthly rent in Paris for a furnished apartment by size:

  • Studio: The average rent in Paris of a studio is 900€ to 1500€
  • 1-bedroom apartment rental in Paris: 1500€ to 3000€
  • 2-bedroom apartment rental in Paris: 2500€ to 4000€
  • 3-bedroom apartment rental in Paris: 3500€ to 5000€

Apartments with exceptional features, stunning views, prime locations, or ample floor space can increase their value and rent by 20-50%.

Check this blog to know more about the cost of renting an apartment in Paris.
Do not hesitate to contact Paris Rental if you want to rent a furnished long-term apartment in Paris.

Parisian apartment living room Paris

Ready for a life-changing move? Picture yourself in Paris! With its incredible culture, cool Parisian neighborhoods, chill vibes, and quality of life, it's the place to be. From café-hopping to museum exploring, there's always something rad to do. So, why wait? Dive into the Parisian scene and start living your best life. Trust me, you won't regret it!

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