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La Butte-aux-Cailles is a hilltop neighborhood in Paris, located in the 13th arrondissement, the southeast part of Paris. This area is named after Mr. Pierre Caille who bought the vineyards here in 1543. Historically, there used to be a river named Bièvre but now extinct, once made this neighborhood an important leather industry center. Today, La Butte aux Cailles has evolved into a young, fashionable, Parisien area with many bars and restaurants, but it still retains part of its village atmosphere. In rue Paulin Mery and rue Gérard, the municipalities still keep the old street lights which use gasoline, these vintage street lights are all turned on and off manually. During the day, Rue de la Butte aux Cailles comes alive very quickly in the evening because many bars and restaurants open, it is a very pleasant street for a drink, also the street-Art is very present in this street. Virtual visits furnished apartments in Butte-aux-Cailles of Paris.

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