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Tenant FAQ

After 30 years of helping expats find long-term furnished apartment rentals in Paris, we’ve been asked almost everything! Here’s a selection of the most frequently-asked questions:

  • Who rents a temporary residence with Paris Rental? Toggle select
    • International professionals and their expatriate families
    • Companies who rent for expat employees coming on a work assignment
    • International organizations and embassies
    • Military professionals
    • Creatives / artists coming to work on a project (a novel, movie, etc.)
    • Expats coming for a sabbatical year abroad
    • Affiliates of international universities
    • All persons in transition between selling and buying a home
    • Anyone coming for medical care
  • Is it difficult to find an apartment in Paris? Toggle select

    Yes, Paris is a big city. The competition to find an apartment is fierce. ParisRental will search for a long-term apartment rental for you and help with all aspects of your relocation to Paris.

    Many owners have worked with ParisRental since its inception in 1987, so we have plenty of apartments available to show you!

  • When should I begin my search for an apartment with Paris Rental? Toggle select

    We recommend 4 to 6 weeks before your move-in date. Before that, it's too early to know if the apartment will be available for a new tenant.

    In the meantime, you can gather information on our blog about the different neighborhoods, costs involved, etc. There you can find out exactly what you want and need in your Paris apartment.


  • How do I begin the process of finding an apartment? Toggle select

    Start by browsing our listings online, or contact us directly via email, phone, or submit a form on our website.

    A Client Relations Consultant will send you a selection of apartments and schedule visits. Once you have found an apartment, they will assist you with your rental file (dossier), send you a draft the lease and organize the lease signing with the owner. Your consultant will also help with the installation of utilities, internet/cable/phone, and home insurance.

  • Are linens provided? Toggle select

    Yes, they are generally provided.

    If not, we can speak with the landlord on your behalf and make sure you get at least one set of linens to start.

  • What does a “studio”, "2 pièces,"3 pièces," etc. mean? Toggle select

    In Paris, a studio apartment is one room with a kitchen and bathroom. (We rarely offer studios, though there are a few exceptions - starting at 1200 €)

    A "2 pièces" apartment includes a separate bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom/wc.

    A “3 pièces” includes two bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom/wc.

    Each additional “pièce” usually means another bedroom, or it can refer to a separate dining room, a double living room, an office/den, etc.

  • Are pets allowed in the apartment? Toggle select

    In France, there is a law stating that any landlord must accept domestic pets such as dogs and cats, except breeds considered “dangerous”, such as a pitbull.

    But please, have the courtesy to tell the owner beforehand!