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The advantages of buying your apartment in Paris through Paris Rental

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Paris Rental specializes in high-end furnished rentals in Paris.
For ten years, Paris Rental’s Sales Department has accompanied clients during the sale or the purchase of a property in Paris. To expertise your property, Experts listen with the utmost attention to all the proprietor has to say about the apartment for sale, then give a realistic and qualitative estimate of the property.
Would you like some advice about renting your investment furnished? Want to know more about Property Taxes in France? Paris Rental’s dedicated Partners bring you that expertise.

Expertise and in-depth rental history of each apartment

Since 1987, Paris Rental’s listed properties have been rented many a time. When their owners wish to put their real estate assets for sale, Paris Rental has the benefit of a perfect comprehension of those properties’ positive and negative characteristics. That knowledge ads value to the estimate of the property for sale.

Some agencies call on owners in surrounding buildings, others wait for owners to push the door of their shop, in any case they are missing the real knowledge of the apartment for sale or to buy. Often, questions remain unanswered. And, unfortunately, the trustee's record book is difficult to obtain.

Paris Rental detains the apartment’s history, its real estate diagnostics and repairs and improvements made over the years. Visit reports sent to owners each time a future tenant sees the apartment, inform on the attractiveness of the property for sale. Similarly, when a buyer is an investor who wishes to rent his new acquisition, these reports are useful to know how to better furnish or decorate the apartment for rental, based on criteria most often requested. It is a sure way to "boost" the profitability of the apartment, right after its purchase.

All these factors contribute to make the apartment for sale alive. Furthermore, banks will not hesitate to give a loan to the buyer who can show past rentals’ financial yield.

Tailor-made advice to help you make the smart real estate purchase

With 33 years of existence, Paris Rental is the reference of the high-end furnished rentals market. This is why, when a landlord is ready to sell his investment after many rentals, he naturally turns to Paris Rental for the sale of his property. Having trusted Paris Rental, its team and their expatriate customers, owners wish to continue this successful collaboration. As a result, in selling one’s property with Paris Rental means closing a fruitful rental and financial history based on established experience.
With its personalized service, Paris Rental makes sure that the property is adapted to the customer, which saves a lot of time during the selling and purchase process.

Besides, Paris Rental is open to work in inter-agency. Everyone has his competence and his clientele, therefore it is an equally profitable for seller and buyer.

Often, an investment sold after years of rentals is entrusted again to Paris Rental by the new buyer for a new cycle of furnished rentals. One of these properties, located in the 8th district of Paris, wins the jackpot with such cycle happening for times in the last twenty years!

Precision Real Estate Valuations for Informed Decision-Making

As a matter of fact, a property’s background is a reliable basis for buying. In the given estimate, our experts make sure to include the notaries’ data, as well as all registrations of the mortgage bureau. A precise sales estimate must also take into account the volatility of the Paris real estate market.
In most cases, the configuration of the property is important, but secondary. More and more, the neighborhood and its atmosphere, as well as its security are important assets in the value of the good and its estimate. Any good investor makes sure to inquire about the Paris neighborhood where the apartment is located.
Thanks to all these criteria being taken into account, Paris Rental Experts give an estimate which allows the property to be sold quickly, rather than being kept listed for months because of an excessive price.

Our Expertise: The Sale of Rental Apartments

With Paris Rental, no need to wait until the lease ends to market your property! Upstream, the tenant is notified by the owner or by Paris Rental. Tenants can be assured that the sale of the apartment they occupy does not interrupt their lease. In addition, Paris Rental’s team always takes the most care to not disturb tenants during visits with buyers.

Good to know : A tenant who rents a furnished apartment does not hold a pre-emption right, so the owner is no subject to a legal deadline before putting his property for sale. However, nothing prevents the owner of a property for sale to propose it to his tenant to buy!

Many clients are investors who seek to optimize their investment in order to expand their assets. Therefore, being aware of the rental potential of a property is a valuable information.

At the same time, banks are more willing to raise a loan when they know the past profitability of a property thanks to their access to the property’s data. Selling or buying an apartment actually rented allows not to interrupt the rental’s yield. For the seller, it is comfortable to get this revenue up to the moment of the sale. For the buyer, the quality of the tenant is an important element in the purchase decision.
Last but not least, Paris Rental only sells goods in good condition!

Our customers come from all over the world thanks to "word of mouth" about Paris Rental and its personalized service. Our team welcomes buyers and sellers from 9h to 18h every month of the year: Welcome!

Credit Photo: Mihail Ribkin