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Furnished rental guide for professionals relocating to Paris

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A selection of Paris rental apartments perfect for corporate assignment 

For the last thirty years, the accommodation solution for business travelers transferred to Paris for their function is to rent a long-term furnished apartment in Paris. With a Corporate lease, the business traveler is home-free!

Needs and housing expectations of international business travelers in Paris

Above all, the business traveler is an employee of a large corporation for which he or she is transferred to various world capitals for periods of one year or more for a business placement. Being accustomed to changing countries, he or she adapts quickly. Often, the job takes up all their time, so it is rare that expatriate corporates speak the language of their new country of residence.

Therefore, a long-term rental agency such as Paris Rental is a true haven for the business traveler, because all team members speak English and many more languages ​​such as Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian, Laotian ... With Paris Rental, the business traveler expatriated to Paris can move into his new home in less than 24 hours! This "Home Sweet Home" is usually a fully furnished apartment with a modern kitchen and bathroom, comfortable bedding in the bedrooms, a living-room ready to hold meetings, and with Internet installed most of the time. All the business traveler has to do is to put his luggage down and resume the course of his professional life serenely.

Tips for owners: optimize your long-term furnished rental

Most of all, comfort then modern equipment, enough electrical outlets for printer, chargers, backup etc., blackout curtains in rooms, a fully equipped kitchen are the specific expectations of expatriate business traveler, in Paris for professional needs.

Another point is the immediate availability of Internet with television and telephone installed (triple play). In fact, what may seem superfluous to a landlord owner in Paris is an essential argument for the expatriate business traveler. Among two favorite apartments, his choice will inevitably go for the furnished apartment with working Internet!

Renting a long-term apartment to an expatriate business traveler is a job. Also, Paris Rental covers the entire rental part for the owner who wants to rent his apartment with a trusted agency. Similarly, Home Management offers serenity to owners who wish to be free of the technical and administrative aspects of the rental (inventory of fixtures, restocking of inventory, works following sinister like a water damage, relation with trustee, etc.).

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