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Relocating your employees in Paris: A practical guide

Paris Rental, a specialist in a high-end furnished rental for companies and corporate expats looking to relocation in Paris.

Who is concerned by relocation in Paris? Profiles and needs

Corporate expatriates arriving in France are often at a loss when having to find a place to rent in Paris and to choose their new neighborhood. Furthermore, families relocating to Paris have to decide on the right school for their children before they select the district where to live.

Thanks to Paris Rental’s knowledge of the French real estate market, your relocation in France will be made easier. In fact, finding a place to rent in Paris can be extremely difficult due to the scarcity of apartments and to the high demand. As with every project in life, you’d better be prepared!

Plan with Paris Rental: your move to Paris will be made easy

Thanks to our experts in the rental of furnished apartments for a long-term rental, you will be given the necessary advice for a successful relocation upon your arrival.
First, you should read carefully How to prepare a rental file in France so you can gather the required documents to rent an apartment. Though you may not have moved to Paris yet, get a handle on Paris by reading Renting in Paris, what can you expect. Equally helpful, Moving to Paris, the steps you should follow will guaranty you a smooth relocation in Paris. Paris Rental can advise you with utilities and the internet, all issues that can be very time-consuming, even for a company lease.

To save you time, Paris Rental will send you a video-visit for each apartment selected among the list that you will get upon contacting Paris Rental Home Experts in furnished apartment rentals.

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Checklist of essential rental guarantees for a worry-free relocation to Paris

Just in case you need a personal guarantor, you will find all the information you need in the blog Getting a joint surety. A Guarantor is a person who undertakes to pay the lessee's debts such as rent, maintenance charges or degradations if the latter does not settle them himself.

Otherwise, Paris Rental has the right partner for you Garantme. In fact, a guarantee Garantme is “open sesame” for landlords and it is very convenient for tenants.

With a good personal guarantee, you are sure to get a furnished lease contract duly signed within 24 to 48 hours.

A complete guide to rental deposits in Paris

Upon signing your lease contract, a security deposit is requested to “guarantee the rental obligations of the tenant”. Its aim is to secure funds for any situations outside of normal wear-and-tear and to cover repairs of the property and its furnishings, as well as, if applicable, any unpaid rent.
For furnished rentals, the security deposit usually corresponds to two months of rent, and cannot be increased during the lease, no matter how many times the lease is renewed. Our blog Security Deposit Explained gives all the answers on the very sensitive issue that is getting your security deposit back at the end of the corporate lease or of any lease for a furnished rental...

Relocating to France with a pet: What you need to know

More and more expatriates come to France with their cat or dog and plan to stay in Paris for a long term rental. Although France likes pets, according to insurance companies whose records account for nearly 62 million domestic animals, there are rules to follow before bring your pet oversea.

In fact, for an expatriate wishing to settle in France with their pet companion, the difficulty is to obtain permission to bring them with him. Passenger animals are subject to certain laws, as are their masters.

Should the tenant warn the landlord? Yes, definitely. Although in France the owner of a furnished or unfurnished apartment for rent cannot refuse your little companion, Paris Rental strongly recommends to inform the agency or the landlord. This basic courtesy makes for better relationships between landlords and tenants, and it is so important in the long term furnished apartment rental. You never know when you might need your landlord’s cooperation with a rental issue. So do read Pets in a furnished rental, and be prepared!

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Why quick action is crucial when looking for a rental apartment in Paris

In most cases, apartments are let within 48h. So there is not much room for reflexion!
Be sure you know what your essential criteria are for Paris Rental will offer you a tailor-made personal service taking every criterion into account.
If you already are in Paris or have a friend who can visit, Paris Rental will accommodate your schedule and fix a convenient time to visit the apartments you have selected. Thanks to our knowledgeable agents, you will avoid any of the uncomfortable issues such as not getting an appointment right away, not getting answers to questions about a chosen apartment, etc. Your personal Home Expert knows the apartments you will visit and will ensure reactivity on your behalf.

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