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Complete guide to renting a corporate apartment in Paris

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Finding the ideal corporate housing in Paris: Tips and advice

Paris Rental’s Corporate Service can offer you prestigious executive apartments specially adapted to the needs of expatriate professionals. Most apartments are located within the main business centers of Paris. Paris Rental advisors and home rental experts are aware of the expectations of employees coming to Paris for business functions; by experience, they know the needs of diplomats and employees of major international institutions such as Unesco, IMF, WTO, etc., just as they do for families expatriates in sabbatical year in Paris. Trust in Paris Rental’s experts to find you the right apartment!

Since all national economies have opened to a global market, the free movement of goods, capital and services has resulted in the movement of people. Like all the capitals of the world, Paris has adapted itself to the needs of relocated professional populations.

With the interpenetration of cultures due to globalization, a world citizen is born! This new citizen is the Corporate tenant from all international companies based in Paris and its vicinities who needs a fully equipped furnished apartment upon his arrival in Paris.

With globalization, the homogenization of tastes has happened, and with it executive housing has appeared as a standard for the world citizen, whatever his nationality. Thus, the ideal furnished apartment offers contemporary furnishings, great comfort, and all the amenities one could desire. Some of Paris Rental’s apartments are luxuriously furnished with Louis XV, Louis XVI, or Empire style -a most lovely way to discover the french grandeur- but in that case, sofas and armchairs are modern and comfortable, and they mix with the classic style of the apartment. Comfort is king for the world citizen, in order to make up for the difficulty of not living at home!

Accustomed to the palaces of the planet, business professionals unconsciously seek the sanitized side of hotel rooms; they want to have the impression that no one has lived in the apartment before them! Therefore, when entering a Parisian furnished apartment, the collaborator of an international company expects to find a flawless apartment.

What is a flawless apartment? It is an apartment which is airy and without a smell; it is clean and dust-free, with furniture and carpets are without stains; appliances are sparkling inside and out, the refrigerator gleaming, the washing machine, dryer and dishwasher have clean filters, just like that of the cooking hood. The bathrooms must shine, the shower and tile joints of each bathroom are impeccable. The bedspreads in the bedrooms need to be smoothed, the pillows plumed up, the mattress(es) pristine (inspected at the state of the premises). The linen should be folded and soft. The curtains in the bedrooms should offer total blackout.

Apart from the first look of any expatriate employee on the overall effect of the apartment, and therefore its irreproachable impact, the first thing that the future tenant will check on is the status of the Internet. Is it functional? Is “Triple play with phone” installed? 5G? Is the cost included in the rent? In other words, an apartment that is not equipped with internet has a great handicap among all other Corporate rentals. Thus, Paris Rental encourages its landlord clientele to equip their apartment with internet imperatively!

Since "executive housing" has developed, the lease contracts have adapted too. The Civil Code contract already existed for transient people, but since the essor of business and professional leases, as well as the new “mobility lease” limited to 10 months rentals, contracts have evolved. Leases adapted to professional furnished rentals have provided expatriate employees relocated to Paris, the flexibility inherent to the mobility of their job.

Paris Rental -first furnished real estate rental agency in Paris- offers apartments of all surfaces, large prestige Studios, One bedroom apartments (2 rooms in French), Two bedroom apartments (3 rooms), Three bedroom apartments (4 rooms), Four bedroom apartments (5 rooms) ), and more. All are furnished and fully equipped, with all household appliances necessary for comfort, as well as one or more large TV screens, even Home Cinemas in the largest apartments.

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Housing for executives and expatriates: Optimizing your choice in Paris

The furnished apartment accommodation option is very popular among expatriate employees, business wo/men, diplomats, and long term expatriate residents looking for a place to live. Human Resources Directors or their Assistants who are in charge of the smooth relocation of International companies and global organizations employees particularly appreciate to rely on Paris Rental for finding furnished accommodations for their mobility professionals. Indeed, there is no need for the company to rent furniture, nor bring over their collaborator’s belongings from abroad. The executive apartment allows one to just bring their suitcase and their computer, and to settle down!

Living in a furnished apartment allows professional expats to intermingle with and socialize into Parisian life. It is the best way for the uprooted executive to take advantage of their expatriation experience and learn a new culture, as well as enjoy what makes each Paris’ district unique : its open markets, its small shops where one greets you with a singing voice, its monuments at the corner of a street, its small and quaint parks, and its transportation system.

Welcome to Paris Rental for your Furnished Corporate Apartment in Paris! Open all year long. !

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