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Looking for an apartment for rent in Paris?

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A cozy home is the destination of every day's exhaustion, especially when you are an expat who just arrived in Paris. Finding a long-term furnished apartment for rent in Paris in a good neighborhood could be complicated. When you put your hopes on real estate agencies, language is the barrier to communication, and probably you will never hear from them.

Fortunately, a multi-language team specialized in long-term furnished rentals, Paris Rental has a rich experience in the furnished apartments industry. Dedicated to providing all services to rent the lovely and cozy furnished housing in Paris city's best districts, Paris Rental's team ensures you a comfortable and trouble-free move-in.

1st step: How to find a furnished rental apartment in Paris when searching on Paris Rental website?

Are you dazzled by the enormous furnished apartment options available online? Don't worry! To ease your accommodation search and help you find the best fit for you, Paris Rental has prepared three easy searches: by districts, by neighborhoods, and by the number of bedrooms.

1. Decide which dream Paris district you want to settle down in

Finding the right district comes first when searching for an apartment, mostly to rent in a big city like Paris. Safety, price of rent, environment, transportation, and amenities vary more or less from districts' choice.

Suppose you are an expat or looking for a company lease for your expat employees. In that case, the 16t and 17th district/arrondissement will probably be a good fit for you, for they are homes to many foreign embassies and international organizations. If you are young professionals, the lively social center, such as the Marais district and the 8th district, will allow you to enjoy the vibrant Parisian life better.

Place des Vosges - Le Marais in Paris

Place des Vosges - Le Marais

2. Choose what neighborhood in Paris you want to live in

Even if you don't have any ideas about which district you would like to settle down in Paris yet, don't worry; there is another way to find your dream location, searching by neighborhood. The complex district division is quite intimidating for people who are not familiar with Paris. Therefore, Paris Rental selected some of the most agreeable areas in Paris to ease your furnished apartment search, such as the Champs-Elysées, the St.Germain des Prés, the Passy - La Muette, etc.

Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood in Paris

Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood

3. Search your apartment by the number of bedrooms

Simplify your apartment rental search by filtering the number of bedrooms on Paris Rental website. You will easily find the type of apartment you are looking for, either a 1-bedroom, 2-bedrooms, 3-bedrooms apartment, or even a 4-bedrooms plus!

2nd step: How to find your apartment? Select your favorite flat

- For example, see the photos of your future furnished Parisian apartment.

Paris Rental usually presents many photos of apartments to give clients an idea of what it would be like to live in an apartment based on personal preference or first sight love. It makes it easy to find out your favorite apartment. When there are new rentals just released, and you are interested in one of the flats but couldn't see all rooms pictured, it is possible to ask us for more photos.

- To rent your new home easily, watch the virtual visit of the apartment.

Photos may help you visualize the apartment's details and give you a simple idea of this apartment. Still, a video could facilitate processing these impressions and help you see yourself walking in the apartment. Click the button and begin the virtual visit, or go to our Youtube Channel for more videos. Our virtual visits allow you to "Discover new apartments anytime, anywhere."

- To reserve an apartment visit, contact our Paris housing expert.

Let's suppose that you have found your favorite apartment after visioning photos and virtual visits and reading detailed descriptions of the furnished apartment; also, you may have received opinions from your friends and family. Finally, you want to schedule a visit. Good! No experience is as authentic as a visit to the apartment, and it will be a pleasure to meet you in person. You can contact any one among our housing expert team for a visit; they will help you schedule it. Unlike traditional rental services, we are flexible and customer-centered. Welcome!

Call us at 00 33 (0)1 43 12 98 00, or send a message on Paris Rental website. We will guide you and help you secure your perfect apartment in Paris.


3rd step: How to organize your project before the visit

- Which documents do you need to rent an apartment in Paris?

Once you have made an appointment with one of our consultants to visit an apartment, it is time to get your rental file prepared, an essential part of taking out a lease in Paris. To make your file trustworthy and stand out from other candidates, we suggest you follow the advice on the list below:

Copy of your identity with photo and signature, either:

  • passport
  • identity card
  • driving license
  • card of residence.

A proof of your current residence, such as:

  • rent receipt of the last three months
  • invoice of house insurance
  • telephone bills
  • EDF or electricity bills
  • residence tax notice.

A document certifying your professional activity in Paris, such as:

  • study enrollment certification or a student card
  • internship contract
  • K bis from your current employer
  • professional card any document proving your activities in Paris.

One of more documents attesting your source of income, basically it could be,

  • payslip for the last three months
  • latest or second-last tax notices
  • student scholarship certificate in case of a scholarship
  • the two last balance sheet if you are self-employed
  • property title of a property or a real estate proof of income
  • life annuities or income from capital
  • proof of payment of benefits, retirement, pensions, and social benefits

Check this blog to know more about "How to prepare a rental file in France? ".

Renting in Paris usually required a guarantor. Suppose, luckily, you have a physical individual as your guarantor in France. In that case, your guarantor must write a letter of commitment, attached with his/her details such as identity file, tax notices, source of income, EDF bill, house insurance, etc. All these documents will differentiate you from the other candidates. Also, check out this blog, "Is it legal to ask for a Guarantor to rent an apartment in Paris?" to know more about how Guarantees work in France.

To prepare your rental documents with income and payslip, having a French bank account will also facilitate the entire process. Here is a tip for expats who have no French bank account yet need to rent an apartment: "How to rent an apartment without a French bank account?".

Your rental profile is now well prepared. It is worth mentioning how essential it is to keep your real estate documents even if your leasing contract ended. Your future landlord may ask for a record of your past rentals. 

- What kind of leasing contract am I going to sign?

Following this guarantee step, your profile will decide what type of lease contract fits your situation. If you are an expat studying or working in Paris and staying over eight months, in this case, you will sign a principal residence contract. Generally, this type of contract for principal residence is the choice for expats looking for a long term rental; this contract is renewable under the same conditions at the end of the lease. What is the difference between a principal residence lease and a secondary residence lease contract? Mainly, the secondary property's lease -not the place where you pay your income tax-, allows flexibility in duration and offers the possibility of negotiation with the owner (For example, you want an extra bed, etc.). 

Last step: What to do if you did not find your apartment

Paris Rental website is updated every day with new apartments. If your favorite furnished apartment has been rented, or you did not find out one you like, here is what you can do:

  • Broaden your searching criteria; for example, expand the distance to the neighboring district. There is plenty of surprise around the corner; find out more lovely apartments available for rent.
  • Subscribe to Paris Rental's Alert, and once your criteria are registered, receive new apartments according to your choices. It will save you time from mail writing, and phone calls.
  • Call us! No matter when or where you live, all will become simple by contacting us.
  • Please leave us a message, or come to our office. Share with us your preferences for a furnished apartment in Paris, and our housing experts will lead you to the right apartment for you, at last!

With Paris Rental's guidance, your apartment search will not be tedious anymore. Start an amazing journey in Paris by merely clicking Paris Rental website, subscribing to the Alert and our social networks.

Editor: Claire de Circourt 

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