Where to find Asian grocery, Latin American food, Italian market or Middle East shop in Paris?

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The Ultimate Guide For Expats

To Find International food Store In Paris


From traditional French restaurants, sophisticated restaurants étoilés, to the local bakeries, without any doubt Paris is a symbol of gastronomy and is the perfect place to enjoy French cuisine. However, you might miss your home food, or would like to discover some new flavors and ingredients from other countries while staying in Paris.

Here is our ultimate guide on international food stores in Paris for our expatriate friends. These lovely international food stores are sure to tick your grocery list. 

How to find Italian Groceries in Paris?

Of course, it is not hard to find basic Italian ingredients, like pastes, parmesan cheese, anchovies in nearly every French groceries in Paris. However, If you are looking for some quality, authentic Italian food, we highly recommend you to Italian specialty stores.

Epicerie RAP (4 rue Fléchier Paris 75009) 

This lovely Italian grocery store is located in the 9th district, full of colorful quality Italian ingredients. One of the best Italian food shops in Paris. From Neapolitan sauces with fennel, balsamic vinegar, organic olive oil, Genoa crosetti pasta, spaghetti from Tuscany, Parmesan, to fresh Mozzarella, I am sure you will find something you love.


What is the best Spanish Deli/Tapas in Paris?

Spanish cuisine is one of the most famous European cuisines. For sure you are able to find great, authentic Spanish food in many restaurants in Paris. However, cooking at home and enjoying your homemade tapas can be a lot of fun as well.

El Bierzo (29 rue de l'Ouest 75014)

This Spanish deli is a real haven. Except for the classic Spanish foodstuffs, like hams, olive, there is a wide selection of excellent but affordable Spanish wine as well. But that’s not all. This lovely shop is one of the best tapas bars in Paris as well. Sit down, take a glass of sangria, enjoy some delicious tapas, it will definitely make your day.


Where to find Asian ingredients in Paris? 

Do you know actually Paris is the best city for Asian food in France, even in Europe? You are able to find the world-class bowl of pho, authentic Chinese hotpot, amazing sushi as well as Southeast Asian specialties. What’s more, Paris has one of the biggest Asian supermarkets in Europe.

Tang Frères (48 Avenue d’Ivry 75013)

Located in the 13th district of Paris, it is the largest Asian Groceries Store in Paris. It will be your paradise if you are a fan of Asian food culture. From huge frozen sections, Boucherie sections, vegetable sections, to condiment section, you will go crazy over the last item!


Where to find Latin American Food in Paris?

Somehow there are more and more South-American restaurants settled across Paris. From Mexican, Argentinian, to even fusion Latino cuisine, it is no more a challenge to find exciting Latino favors here.

Mercatienda Latina (78 rue de Dunkerque 75009)

If you want to discover Latin flavors, spicy sauces, this Colombian food shop has nearly everything you will need to prepare a Latino feast. It sells quality ingredients from all over Latin America, from various Latin American condiments to special pre-prepared food like arepas (Colombian maize pancakes), bunuelos (round frying doughnuts).


How to buy Middle East Food in Paris?

Thanks to immigration from the Middle East over the years, Paris has become a hub for wonderful Middle Eastern cuisines. From Lebanese cuisine, Moroccan cuisine, authentic Tunisian dishes, to even Egyptian food; you’ll be able to find them in Paris.

Epicerie Sabah (140 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine 75012)

This Sabah grocery is well known as one of the best Lebanese gastronomy in the city.  It specializes in authentic Lebanese food, such as homemade hummus, Mediterranean spices, dry fruits, etc. If you are planning to explore the fascinating middle-eastern gastronomy, make sure to put it on your list.


We are waiting for you!

You will never run out of new things to discover in Paris, especially food. We are waiting for you, our expatriate friends, or local foodies to share your secret spots. Do not hesitate to interact with us on our social media and share your secret tips to find amazing worldwide food and exciting new favors in Paris.

After reading this blog, I am sure finding your home favors or discovering new food cultures in Paris are not a challenge anymore. Your wish list probably is filled with a lot of new places. What are you still waiting for! Markdown these dream places, and start your exciting Paris international gastronomy getaway. 


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