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Which telephone company choose in Paris?

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Since you live in Paris, you are asking you which telephony contracts to choose in Paris. You should take the time to make a quick search before purchasing a new subscription from a telephone provider? This is essential so as not to risk taking out an unfavorable contract and that you would regret the months following the subscription of your new package. Do not panic, in this article we give you all our advice on choosing the telephony contract with the best network coverage in Paris.

Which operator to turn to?


What if you opted for a low-cost telephone provider like Red by SFR or Sosh from Orange?


You can choose from the offers of “traditional” network operators, for example:

  • Orange
  • SFR
  • Bouygues

But you can also choose a telephony offer from a low-cost operator, such as a Red SFR package. The bottom line is that low-cost operators like Red by SFR generally use the networks of network operators. It is therefore essential to find out about the networks used and to choose the one that has the best coverage for your region or the regions you visit frequently.

Will the Orange package be of better quality at Orange than at Sosh?


The question may indeed arise. Indeed, the Orange package has a much higher price than another flat rate at Sosh which is Orange's low-cost subsidiary. It is therefore questionable whether the quality of services drops at the same time as the price. One thing to take into account: the advantages offered by the subscriptions of low-cost operators are however just as interesting in terms of options.

The options offered in telephony offers in Paris


In Paris, competition is fierce in terms of telephony package offers. Most operators offer attractive offers and network coverage is effective throughout the capital.

To choose a specific telephony contract in Paris, it is best to ask yourself if you prefer to choose a subscription with or without commitment. This is a criterion that can weigh heavily in the balance because you do not subscribe in the same way to a subscription if you have to stay with the same supplier for 12 months as for 24 months or with no commitment period.

In addition, most telephone offers are offered with the purchase of a telephone, which drastically lowers the cost of the telephone at the time of purchase. But beware, however, it is not necessarily interesting in the long term. For example, do the math if you decide to buy a phone at full cost and take out a low-cost subscription and compare the costs over the life of the engagement. You should no doubt realize that you are often more profitable if you buy a phone without taking it with a plan at the same time.

If you need to cancel your contract with a french operator, please find on our blog all the details

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