Tenants: Things you should know

How to prepare a rental file in France?

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Updated on February 11th, 2020

A winning rental application!


First, imagine that you are the owner of an apartment! Considering the risk that a future tenant might not pay his rent or degrade the apartment by lack of maintenance, what type of tenant would you choose?

Now that you have reflected upon the desired tenant profile souhaité, here is the list of documents required for a winning rental file, that is, a file that will reassure the homeowner of the apartment that you would like to rent.


Documents required for renting an apartment 

  • a proof of identity with photo and signature (identity card, passport, driving license or card of residence)
  • a proof of your current residence (last 3 receipts of rent, EDF invoices, notice of residence tax (taxe d’habitation), certificate of home insurance, ...)
  • a document attesting to your professional activity (work -or internship- contract, K bis from the Trade and Companies Register, professional card or any other document attesting to your activities) or your student card and a certificate of schooling .
  • one or more documents attesting your resources (last 3 pay slips, last or second-last tax notice, last 2 balance sheets for self-employed professions, student scholarship certificate, property title of a property real estate, proof of income from land, life annuities or income from movable capital, proof of payment of benefits, retirement, pensions, social benefits or allowances).

If you are eligible for housing assistance (AL or APL), also provide a copy of the document showing the amount you receive. To make a simulation, click here..


Having a guarantor


If a Guarantor vouches for you, the latter has to write a Letter of Commitment, as well to give proofs of identity and of his creditworthiness, just like you had to do concerning yourself.

Last but not least, make an extra effort to differentiate yourself from other candidates. For example, add to your rental record to rent an apartment in Paris any additional documents to prove your reliability: CV, letter(s) of recommendation from employers, former landlord, etc. Increase your chances by writing a letter of introduction detailing your strengths (employment with CDI contract, you are non-smoker, you have no animals, you are a jogger ...). Finally, in order to draw attention to your rental file, put it in a colored pocket so that it stands up among other applications.

LAST ADVICE: Prepare several copies of your apartment rental file, in order to submit a file to each owner (or the real estate agent) of the apartments you like. 


 You are now ready!

Photo by Dan Dimmock