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Moving to Paris : the steps you must follow

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Moving to Paris : the steps you must follow


1st step : find your dream place


It’s time to realise what you have ever dreamt of : leaving in Paris as a bohemian artist. Find a professional to help you discover the perfect spot. Start your personal file with all your ID papers, your salaries and the deposit.

Next steps : manage your contracts


It can be frustrating to move to a new country, not knowing how the administration works, what company you should contact when you move in.

An electricity comparator to find a cheaper supplier


You can use an electricity comparator to find out which electricity supplier is best suited for your home. Comparing the different offers available on the market will help you find an electricity supplier for your contract, and save on your bills.

To find out which supplier to choose, consumer forums are also a solution: you can find testimonials from suppliers' customers about the effectiveness of their service.

Gas heating system : use a comparator to save


If, like half of the French, you are going to heat your apartment or house with gas, it is important to find a cheaper gas supplier.

Online gas comparators will allow you, as for electricity comparators, to find a subscription for your gas contract. Many suppliers are proposing gas contracts : since the opening of the energy market to competition, Engie (formerly GDF) is no longer the only gas supplier in France. Alternative suppliers such as Alterna offer cheaper rates, and will allow you to make significant savings on your energy bills.

Last step : prepare a house-warming party and start your adventure !


Once settled in and all moved in, start enjoying the parisian lifestyle. From the best restaurants to the most interesting exhibitions, never miss an opportunity to be fully alive in Paris. You can also find everything that’s happening on EventBrite.


Photo by Anthony DELANOIX