Tenants: Things you should know
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What you should know about multi-risk home insurance!

Understanding home insurance in France


Home insurance is an essential assurance of everyday life. Everyone has known the pangs that cause a water damage appearing on your ceiling with its large brown spot and blisters. Fortunately, since the Multirisk-home insurance is mandatory, you are insured!

Is home insurance mandatory? 


Yes, Home Insurance is mandatory for tenants, whether the home is empty or furnished, and for co-owners (owners of a lot in a condominium).
For co-owners, this insurance obligation is limited to the liability insurance cover for co-ownership, neighbors, third parties and, if applicable, tenants.

What does home insurance guarantee?  


Home insurance mainly covers the damage to the property and the civil liability of the insured.

Housing and furniture coverage

The multi-risk home insurance contract covers damage that could affect the property of the insured: fire, water damage, frozen pipes, natural disaster and storm, burglary and vandalism, broken windows.
In principle, cash, securities, professional property and vehicles are not covered by the multi-risk Home Insurance contract.

What is the purpose of civil liability?  


According to the article of the law 1382, "If anyone causes damage to another person, he/she will have to repair the damage done. "This damage can be the result of imprudence, ... whether it is a fault from the insured of from the people he is responsible for or that are under his care. "

Civil liability is not limited to the damage done in the enclosure of the house. Whether you go on holiday, whether you are on the street or in a leisure park ..., if one accidentally causes damage, civil liability comes into play.
Civil liability called "privacy cover” includes all persons who live under the same roof as the owner :

  • the owner of the contract,
  • the spouse,
  • the children,
  • the house staff (cleaning lady,...),
  • the pets under his/her responsibility.

Some examples of civil liability:

  • You hurt someone unwillingly
  • A visiting friend breaks his arm while slipping on your wet ground
  • Your dog bites someone

You will have to make up for the damage done. And the bill can be very heavy!

WHAT TO DO in case of disaster in your home?


Water damage, fire damage, burglary ... as soon as a disaster occurs in your home, ALERT the insurer!

Call or write to your insurer, indicating your subscriber number (this number should be kept in your personal file and be easily available.

If you have been robbed, go to the police station to complain? Send the copy of complaint with your claim to the insurance.

Think of taking PICTURES of damages. When necessary, you can communicate them to your insurer.

Delays for notifying your insurer  


The usual is that you have 5 days to send your statement of sinister from the moment when damage or loss occurred or from the day you became aware of its happening.

However, in case of theft, delay is reduced to 2 working days, and in case of natural disaster, the deadline is 10 working days from the moment when the government publishes a decree declaring the state of natural disaster.

Representation Letter


To declare and make your claim, all means are good: phone call, online declaration, registered letter, etc. Your statement should describe the claim, specify the date (and hour, if possible) when it occurred. Also indicate the prejudice and give an estimate of the damaged goods. If the incident has caused damage to another party (ex: your neighbor below was caused damaged due to water leak coming from your home), you must specify it and indicate the details of the victim.

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Parts and supporting 


Gather the maximum information to evaluate the cast of your prejudice. It may include photographs, invoices, warranties or any other document that proves the value of your belongings. Do not dispose of the damaged goods (including those burned in case of fire) for they can be help to assess the amount of damage.

How is your home insurance premium calculated? 


The amount of your insurance premium is fixed on the basis of the risks that you have declared to your insurer. Other elements are taken into account:

  • your status (tenant or owner)
  • the m2 of your home
  • the area of ​​the dwelling
  • the value of the home and the of the insured goods
  • the amount of the franchise (The more the cost of insurance is low, the more the franchise is high)
  • taxes on insurance products paid to the Treasury (tax of 30% of the cost of your Insurance Policy, plus a "terrorism tax" of € 5.90 per contract to finance the Victims Fund)

Payment of the insurance contribution  


You have 10 days after the due date of your insurance contract to pay your contribution. If you exceed this period, the insurance company will send you a registered letter. Then, 30 days after this delay is expired, the contract will be canceled for non-payment and you will not be insured anymore.

Can your insurer increase your home insurance premium? 


Yes. Your insurer can increase the amount of your insurance premium each year. It may happen when you have had many claims in a given year. You are allowed to refuse this increase by canceling your insurance policy within 15 days of receipt of the notice.
Your insurer is also entitled to reassess your contribution via a legal annual indexation stipulated in the insurance contract. If you have signed an indexed contract, be sure to check that the increase applied does not exceed the increase voted by law.
If you have signed an indexed contract, the amount of the index must appear on it.

When and how to cancel your insurance?  


Three scenarios are to be considered: considérer :

  • at the first year anniversary of the contract
  • when there has been a change in your personal situation
  • anytime past the first year of your contract

These situations are well explained on the following link:
https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F19083 and you will find templates of letters here as well


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