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Case of fire in a Furnished Apartment Rental

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The fire is a serious disaster that can spread to nearby buildings. Be careful!

  • 1 out of 4 fires are caused by electricity: do not overload a power line by connecting too many devices all at once.
  • 1 out of 6 fires is due to smoking accidents: do not smoke in bed, and do not empty an ashtray too quickly.
  •  1 out of 8 fires starts in the kitchen: watch mainly frying pans and stoves.

What to do if a fire breaks out?

Do not panic!

If the start of fire comes from a neighbor’s home

  • open all your windows,
  • close the shutters,
  • put buckets and basins full of water behind them,
  • throw the water on it as soon as you see a sparkle of fire

If the fire starts in your own home

  • A curtain begins to catch on fire: take a basin of water and water everything. A glass of water in the thirty seconds after a fire begins avoids the water cannon of a firefighter twenty minutes later!
  • A wastebasket catches fire: jump with your feet together or put a blanket over it (the fire stops as soon as it has no more oxygen).

What to do if there's a widespread fire?

If the incipient fire degenerates into a full-blown blaze :

  • Call the fire department and, above all, do not jump out the window!

  • Close all exits from the room where the fire is located, including windows. This avoids the rapid spread of fire and protects against asphyxiation caused by smoke.

  • Put rags, if possible wet, at the bottom of the doors to slow down the air supply.
  • Put a damp cloth over your face to protect yourself from smoke emanations.

These precautions should protect you during the time needed for firefighters to arrive.


From Claire de Circourt Book

Photo by Issy Bailey