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Activities and places to discover in Paris 13th arrondissement

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A local guide to the 13th arrondissement of Paris

Welcome to Paris' 13th arrondissement, a charming neighborhood offering a unique blend of culture, history, and modernity located on the left bank of the Seine. Today, let us introduce you to Paris Rental, your expert Paris local guide to discovering the best of the 13th arrondissement.

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1. History and context of the 13th arrondissement

The 13th arrondissement is one of the largest arrondissements in Paris. It is located in the southeast of the city, surrounded by the 14th arrondissement to the west and the 5th arrondissement to the north, and it has a unique history and context.

Before the 19th century, the 13th arrondissement was mainly farmland and vineyards. In the early 19th century, the 13th arrondissement underwent an industrial boom, developing numerous factories and warehouses, including the LOMBART chocolate factory, SAY factories, and SUDAC.

In the 1960s and 1970s, the 13th arrondissement was the subject of major urban renewal projects in Paris. This former industrial district transformed into a modern neighborhood with high-rise residential buildings, public facilities, and green spaces. This transformation has made the 13th arrondissement an increasingly attractive place to live.

In the early 1980s, the first wave of Vietnamese refugees arrived in Paris' 13th arrondissement. Later, floods of refugees and immigrants, mainly from Southeast Asian countries such as Cambodia and Laos, and later from China, gradually transformed the southern part of the 13th arrondissement into the vibrant Asian quarter we know today.

The 13th arrondissement has become a dynamic and multi-faceted district known for its multicultural atmosphere. The Butte aux Cailles neighborhood is renowned for its bohemian character and French village atmosphere, while the Bibliothèque François-Mitterrand neighborhood is renowned for its contemporary urban architecture and modernity. The 13th arrondissement is also home to the Paris region's largest construction site: "Paris Rive Gauche" covers 130 hectares between the Gare d'Austerlitz and Boulevard Masséna, featuring contemporary apartment buildings, a new shopping mall, and a new shopping center.

Construction work in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, around 1877

2. Emblematic neighborhoods to explore in Paris 13th arrondissement 

Paris's 13th arrondissement is a vibrant and diverse district, offering several iconic neighborhoods to discover. Here are some of the must-see places in the 13th arrondissement:

La Butte aux Cailles neighborhood:

The picturesque Butte aux Cailles neighborhood, nestled on a small hill,  is renowned for its cobblestone streets and historic houses, which create a charming village atmosphere. Butte aux Cailles has long been a haven for artists and has a unique bohemian, artistic feel, with numerous art galleries, workshops, and graffiti-adorned walls. Moreover, the Butte aux Cailles neighborhood has many charming cafés, bistros, bars, and restaurants.

Square des Peupliers at Butte aux Cailles neighborhood

Les Olympiades neighborhood:

Located in the heart of the 13th arrondissement, the Olympiades neighborhood is known for its modernist architecture, high-rise residential towers, and public spaces, representing Paris's most extensive urban planning project since Haussmann's great works. The Olympiades neighborhood is home to numerous Asian restaurants, exotic stores, and trendy boutiques, making it an ideal place for lovers of Asian cuisine and shopping. The Olympiades area is decorated with colorful murals and street art, adding a creative and contemporary touch to the urban environment.

Bibliothèque François-Mitterrand neighborhood/ Paris Rive Gauche: 

Le quartier Bnf : Le quartier de la Bibliothèque François-Mitterrand se distingue par l'emblématique Bibliothèque nationale de France, un monument moderne impressionnant qui abrite la Bibliothèque nationale de France. Le quartier Bnf offre de belles promenades en bord de Seine, des espaces verts et une ambiance de vie urbaine moderne.

Chinese Quarter:

The 13th arrondissement is home to one of Europe's largest Chinese communities. The Chinatown in Paris offers a variety of authentic Asian restaurants, specialty stores, colorful markets, and cultural events. The Chinese neighborhood in Paris is an ideal place to discover a variety of authentic Asian cuisines, including Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Laos, and Japanese.

3. Cultural activities not to be missed in the 13th arrondissement of Paris 

Paris's 13th arrondissement may seem like something other than a tourist destination. Still, it's a veritable hub of cultural activity, offering a wide range of attractions and experiences to residents and visitors alike.

Bibliothèque François-Mitterrand - Bnf

The Bibliothèque François-Mitterrand, located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, is one of France's national libraries, named after former French president François Mitterrand; it is an emblematic example of contemporary architecture in Paris.

Architect Dominique Perrault designed the library, which officially opened in 1995. It comprises four towers in the shape of open books, linked by a large rectangular reading room. The towers are clad in glass, allowing natural light to illuminate the interior spaces.

The Bibliothèque François-Mitterrand houses a vast collection of books, manuscripts, periodicals, maps, and multimedia resources.

Discover street art: The 13th arrondissement is known for its vibrant Street Art. Take a stroll and discover the colorful murals and graffiti that adorn the walls of buildings. Some neighborhoods like Butte aux Cailles are particularly famous for street art.

Manufacture des Gobelins (Galerie des Gobelins)

The Manufacture des Gobelins, also known as "Les Gobelins," is a historic tapestry factory and decorative arts center in Paris, located in the 13th arrondissement. The Manufacture des Gobelins also hosts temporary exhibitions on tapestry, textiles, and the decorative arts.

La Cité Florale

Cité Florale, located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, is a charming residential neighborhood known for its picturesque streets and elegant homes, most of which adorn colorful flowers and lush gardens. The architecture in Cité Florale reflects various styles, including Art Nouveau and Art Deco, creating a unique and visually appealing atmosphere.

One of the neighborhood's most iconic features is Pavé de la Cité Florale, a charming cobblestone street that enhances the neighborhood's old-world charm. Strolling down this picturesque street is like stepping back in time.

La Cité de la Mode et du Design

The Cité de la Mode et du Design is an architectural complex located along the banks of the Seine in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. This contemporary, multi-purpose venue dedicates itself to Fashion, Design, Contemporary Art, and creativity and features temporary exhibitions. Also, the Cité de la Mode et du Design has several multi-purpose halls for fashion shows, concerts, conferences, and other artistic events. Besides, the complex also includes trendy restaurants, cafés, and bars offering various dining options. Here, you can enjoy a break from the hustle and bustle of Paris’ fashion world.

Experience Asian Culture in Paris 13th arrondissement

Dine in authentic Asian restaurants: The 13th arrondissement boasts many authentic Asian restaurants, offering cuisines from countries such as China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Japan. Treat your taste buds to a culinary journey with traditional dishes and regional specialties.

Explore Asian markets: Visit local Asian markets and grocery stores such as Tang Frère, Paris Store, and Chen Market to discover a broad range of exotic ingredients, spices, teas, snacks, and fresh produce from various Asian countries.

Attend cultural festivals: The 13th arrondissement hosts lively Asian festivals, such as the Lunar New Year and Mid Autumn Festival. These celebrations feature colorful parades, traditional performances, martial arts demonstrations, and delicious street food. It's an excellent opportunity to see Asian cultural traditions up close.

4. Green spaces and relaxation in the 13th arrondissement of Paris

Parc de Choisy

This large public park - Parc de Choisy, features beautifully landscaped gardens, a lake, playgrounds, and sports facilities. It's an ideal place to picnic, stroll, or relax in the greenery.

Square René Le Gall

Square René Le Gal is a charming square known for its peaceful atmosphere and magnificent rose garden. It's a serene place to read, picnic, or enjoy a quiet afternoon among the flowers.

Quais de Seine

The quays along the Seine River offer picturesque places to relax. Many quays are equipped with benches and even outdoor bars, allowing people to sit back, enjoy the view of the river, and watch the world passing by.

La Cité de la Mode et du Design at Seine River

5. Best restaurants in the 13e arrondissement of Paris

Paris' 13th arrondissement is a multi-faceted neighborhood that embraces diversity. Often called "Chinatown," Paris's 13th arrondissement is a hub for exploring diverse Asian culinary cultures, including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian cuisine. Today, the 13th arrondissement is rapidly evolving, with ultramodern architecture, many trendy new restaurants, rooftop bars, and more settling in the 13th district in Paris. Here are some of the best restaurants in Paris's 13th arrondissement:

Felicità - Italian delight

Felicità is a famous Italian food market and restaurant located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris within Station F, the world's largest startup campus. Felicità houses several food counters and stalls, offering various Italian delights, from freshly baked pizzas and pasta to gelato, pastries, and charcuterie.

La Felicità - 5 Parv. Alan Turing, 75013 Paris (Station F)

TOO TAC TAC - Trendy rooftop restaurant with panoramic views of Paris

Welcome to TOO TAC TAC Restaurant to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views over the Seine, Sacré-Coeur, Notre Dame, and the Eiffel Tower. Nestled in the new TOO hotel from the Laurent Taïeb Group, creators of Madame Rêve, the TOO restaurant is a new modernity addition to Paris's 13th arrondissement, ideally located between the BNF and the STATION F.

This panoramic restaurant is a remarkable 6-meter-high glass cube decorated with a gilded ceiling in one of the Duo towers.

What about the food? The TOO restaurant offers a globally inspired menu. The TOO TAC TAC restaurant is open all day, from breakfast and brunch, a convivial lunch, to a romantic sunset dinner.

TOO TAC TAC - 65 Rue Bruneseau, 75013 Paris

Pho tai - Michelin recommended Vietnamese restaurant

Recommended by Michelin Guide, Pho Tai is a popular Vietnamese restaurant in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, known for its delicious, authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

Pho Tai specializes in traditional Vietnamese cuisine, focusing on Pho, a tasty and aromatic noodle soup. The restaurant offers a variety of Pho dishes and other traditional Vietnamese dishes, such as spring rolls, Bo Bun, and fried noodles.

Chine Masséna - Classic Chinese dining experience

Chine Masséna is a renowned Chinese restaurant in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. The restaurant of Chine Masséna specializes in offering a wide range of traditional Chinese dishes, from succulent Peking duck to delicate dim sum, savory stir-fries, and fresh seafood dishes. Whether you're a fan of spicy Sichuan cuisine, Cantonese specialties, or vegetarian options, you'll find many choices to satisfy your palate.

The restaurant offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with a unique interior featuring traditional Chinese decorative elements, one of the best places in Paris to experience authentic Chinese dining.

Paradis Thaï - Best Thai restaurant in Paris

Paradis Thaï is an authentic Thai restaurant located in the 13th arrondissement, rue de Tolbiac. It offers traditional Thai dishes with typical Thai flavors and spices served elegantly. The menu includes a variety of oriental dishes, from green curry, coconut curry, and fresh papaya salad to mango sticky rice. Enjoy an exotic culinary experience in a unique setting.

6. Life in the 13th arrondissement with Paris Rental

The advantages of living in the multicultural 13th district

Cultural diversity: The 13th arrondissement is a melting pot of cultures from all over the world, which translates into a wide variety of cuisines, cultural events, and a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

International cuisine: Authentic restaurants in the 13th district of Paris offer you a wide variety of cuisines from around the world, from Asian to African, providing a unique culinary journey around every corner.

Exotic markets and boutiques: In the 13th arrondissement, you'll quickly find open-air farmers' markets, exotic grocery shops, and specialty stores selling international products at affordable prices, allowing you to discover unique ingredients and products from various cultures.

Artistic atmosphere: Paris 13th arrondissement is also renowned for its vibrant street art, galleries, murals, and creative artistic atmosphere, creating an inspiring environment for art lovers.

Convenient transport: Public transport, including RER C, Métro lines 6 & 7, Bus with lines 27, 62, 83, and Tram T3A serve the 13th arrondissement. This accessibility facilitates commuting within the arrondissement and to other parts of Paris, making your life in Paris even more convenient and enjoyable.

Paris Rental: Luxury furnished apartments adapted to the 13th arrondissement:

Paris Rental Agency dedicates itself to providing high-standing furnished apartments tailored to the needs of would-be residents of the 13th Arrondissement. Paris Rental offers carefully selected high-quality furnished apartments to rent in Paris with easy access to public transport, local markets, and restaurants. Elegantly designed, these apartments provide exceptional comfort with modern amenities, including a fully equipped kitchen, high-speed Wi-Fi, and air conditioning.

Real Estate information about the 13th arrondissement of Paris

Paris' 13th Arrondissement is ideal for various groups of people looking to buy or rent an apartment in Paris, including:

Students: Due to its proximity to universities and educational institutions such as Université Marie et Pierre CURIE, Sorbonne, HESAM - Institut Français de la Mode, EIDM - Ecole Internationale de Mode, the 13th Arrondissement is an excellent choice for students studying in Paris.

Young professionals: The 13th Arrondissement provides a diverse and lively atmosphere, making businesses and start-ups in Station F attract young professionals working in Paris.

Artists and creatives: The 13th Arrondissement is known for its street art scene and creative spirit, particularly near the Butte-aux-Cailles area. Many artists and designers often find inspiration in the neighborhood's artistic environment.

Families: The 13th Arrondissement is a ideal neighborhood for families looking for a residential neighborhood with a mix of urban amenities and green spaces. The Butte-aux-Cailles neighborhood offers numerous townhouses and mansions with generous space for those families seeking a more spacious setting in the heart of Paris.

13th arrondissement apartments for rent:

Curious about how much rent is in the 13th district of Paris? On average, you'll find rent ranging from 29€/m² to 38€/m² in the 13th district of Paris. 

  • A studio for rent in the 13th district of Paris is between 700€ to 1600€ per month.
  • The average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment rental in Paris' 15th district will move your budget from 1000€ to 2400€ per month. 
  • A 2-bedroom apartment for rent in the 15th district of Paris will cost you between 2000€ and 3500€.
  • A 3-bedroom apartment "plus" for rent in the 15th district of Paris costs between 3000€ to 5000€

13th arrondissement apartments for sale:  

How much is an apartment in Paris' 13th district? The average Real Estate price in Paris' 13th Arrondissement stands at 8 747 €/m² and ranges from 5 795 €/m² to 16 043 €/m², which is relatively affordable in Paris. The northern part of Paris's 13th district, neighboring the 5th district, such as the Croulebarbe and Salpêtrière-Austerlitz neighborhoods, has the highest price of apartments in the 13th Arrondissement. Meanwhile, the Olympiades-Choisy neighborhood in the south of Paris' 13th Arrondissement is the most affordable area to buy in the 15th Arrondissement.

What are the best things about Paris's 13th arrondissement?

Paris' 13th Arrondissement stands out as a cultural and artistic treasure trove in the heart of Paris. Its cultural diversity, cosmopolitan atmosphere, green spaces, vibrant street art, and numerous cultural activities make it an exceptional place to live. From its rich international cuisine to its commitment to artistic innovation, the 13th Arrondissement offers a unique experience for residents and visitors alike.


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