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How to install air conditioning in Paris?

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Summer is one of the most beautiful seasons in Paris. However, coping with the city's summer heat can be daunting, especially for expats used to having AC units in their country homes when, in contrast, most apartments in Paris do not have air conditioning. Here is an AC installation guidelines in Paris for you. 

Can you have an AC in Paris?

Yes, it is possible to have air conditioning in your furnished apartment rental in Paris, as long as the AC units do not impair the buildings' façades. However, compared to some other countries, air conditioning is much less common in France, especially in historical buildings.

But why does Paris not have air conditioning? There are a few reasons for this:

1. Climate:

Paris has a temperate oceanic climate. Generally, the average high temperature in July, the warmest summer month, is around 25°C (77°F). And it is usually cooler during the evenings. So with other cooling options, such as a fan or portable AC, the apartments are generally not too hot to live in during the summertime -although it is rapidly changing.

2. Energy Considerations:

France strongly focuses on energy conservation and sustainability. Since air conditioning requires significant energy to operate, many French people volunteer to limit the use of air conditioning to help reduce the strain on the power grid and lower energy consumption.

3. Regulation:

Having air conditioning installed in Paris is challenging because there are several administrative processes to go through for air conditioning installation in France. One must get permission from the city town hall and the condominium (syndic).

Regulations & necessary authorizations for installing an AC unit in a Paris apartment

Installing a Split-System Air Conditioner:

To install a split or multi-split air conditioner, one must set up an internal and an external unit. Since the external unit must be installed separately outside the building, which involves modifications to the facade or the property's roof, you will need permission from the city's town hall to proceed with the installation. If you live in a Haussmannian building, don't even ask; you'll be turned down. Additionally, if the property is part of a condominium rather than a stand-alone house, you must seek co-ownership (syndic) approval.

Install a portable Air Conditioner:

As it stands within the apartment, a portable air conditioner unit needs no authorization from either the co-ownership or the city's town hall. However, the portable air conditioner might be less efficient than the fixed unit. Still, it is a good alternative if you cannot obtain permission from the city town hall and the condominium for another type of AC unit. Portable Air conditioners are cost-effective, easy to install, and especially practical for small spaces.

How do you get the condominium owners' permission to install air conditioning?

Suppose your apartment is in a condominium building, and you wish to install fixed air conditioning. In that case, you must obtain approval from other co-owners in the building, even if you plan to install the unit on your balcony. 

To obtain approval, send a registered letter to your condominium Manager (or syndic) asking for a written request to bring your proposal to the next general meeting and enclose the installation estimate. Please note that if you install the fixed air-conditioning system without the consent of the co-owners, the consequence will be that you will very likely have to remove your air-conditioning unit.

N.B. For stand-alone houses not belonging to a condominium, you only need to declare to the city town hall your installing the external A.C. unit on your house's facade.

How much does it cost to install air conditioning in Paris?

The cost of installing air conditioning in Paris can vary a lot depending on various factors such as the type of air conditioning system, the size of the space to be cooled off, the installation's complexity, and the building's specific requirements. Additionally, prices can vary between different service providers. 

To get an accurate estimate, we recommend you contact local Paris Air Conditioning Installation companies and request quotes from multiple providers. Here is an estimation of the installation price from ENGIE, the leading energy supplier in France.

Installation and commissioning prices In euros, all taxes included
Monosplit air conditioning 700 € to 1 200 €
Monobloc air conditioning 200 € to €1 800 €
Bisplit air conditioning 1 000 € to 1 500 €
Tri Split air conditioning 1 300 € to 1 900 €
Quadri Split air conditioning 1 600 € to 2 500 €
Reversible heat pump (PAC) 4 000 € to 6 300 €

Can tenants install air conditioning in their apartment rentals?

The tenant is free to install portable air conditioning. However, to put up a fixed air conditioner in an apartment rental in Paris, the tenants need permission from the owner. According to the law in France, having the landlord's consent is mandatory for tenants to make significant alterations that will change the structure or layout of the rental property.

Installing air conditioning is a hassle and a significant investment. However, no luxury surpasses living comfortably. Many luxury apartment rentals in Paris do not find tenants because they are not air-conditioned. To better cater to the needs of expat corporate tenants, Paris Rental highly recommends you inquire about air conditioning installations. Remember, air-conditioned apartments rent on the first viewing, whatever their size!

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