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Move in Paris, Energy Savings

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Moving to Paris? Find out how to save energy


Is everything ready for your move to Paris ? Find out how to get an electricity contract for your new address while saving energy.

Moving : Steps to change your contract


Engie, Eni, EDF, pick your electricity contract

When Moving, the electricity contract takes place in two stages: first, the termination of the old contract, then the subscription of the new one. Indeed, a contract is linked to a particular accommodation, for it depends of its characteristics, such as the surface area, the type of heating or the various equipment present. Therefore, it is not possible to simply transfer your old contract. Regardless of your supplier (EDF, Engie, Eni, etc.), termination is carried out without charge or notice period. Simply contact your supplier to notify them of your move, and indicate your client ID. On the day of the move, it is important to read and take note of the old meter, then of the new one upon moving in.

Getting the best electricity rate during a move

When moving, it is necessary to sign a new energy contract and get acquainted with the tariff’s offers. It is an ideal opportunity to compare the different offers in order to obtain the best electricity’s cost possible. Since the market has been opened to competition, several energy suppliers are now present in Paris. Yet, as a historic supplier, EDF is the only one able to offer regulated electricity prices set by the State.
It is also possible to opt for an alternative supplier such as Engie, the Italian Eni or even Total Direct Energy. To find out which is best suited to your needs, you must first estimate your needs based on the characteristics of your new accommodation and then compare offers. In all cases, it is necessary to contact the supplier at least two weeks before moving in. It should also be noted that in the event of moving into a brand new building, it may be necessary to request a connection to the network.

Saving energy during a move to Paris


Moving is an opportunity to change suppliers, but also to acquire new habits to save energy. It all starts with the choice of accommodation itself. We know that moving to Paris can be complicated, especially when looking for a property according to certain criteria. Indeed, whether you move to Paris for professional, personal reasons or to study, it is often difficult to find the ideal property. One of the important points to consider is the DPE (Energy Performance Diagnosis), which must be present on the property’s advertisement. Ideally, the note should be A or B, a sign of properly insulated and energy efficient accommodation. Also, take into account the type of heating, and avoid if possible the electric radiators which consume a lot.

In addition, moving is often an opportunity to change household appliances. This is the moment to choose more energy-efficient devices, such as induction plates instead of electric plates. Finally, new habits adopted on a daily basis can allow a significant drop in consumption: turn off lights and electronic devices, choose low-energy bulbs, do not overheat, etc. You will find more information on this site.

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