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7 Low Cost Ways to Maximize Heat in Your Paris Furnished Rental

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Updated 2022/04/01

In Paris, when the temperature drops and winter settles in, one of the first things we do is turn up the heat in our apartments. But, it's not the only way you can stay warm. Here are seven cost-effective ways to heat up your Paris furnished apartment rental without burning a hole in your wallet.

1. Lower the thermostat
It’s nice to keep your apartment warm in winter, but if no one is home, it’s a waste of money and energy. If you leave the apartment each day for work or school, turn your thermostat or radiator down slightly, but not completely off. If you go away for the weekend, turn the thermostat or radiator down considerably, but again, not completely off.

2. Keep windows closed
Check the windows of your apartment often to make sure they are properly closed. Sometimes windows that appear to be shut actually have space at the bottom that lets in cold air. (Don’t forget to aerate the apartment each morning and evening for a few minutes to avoid interior pollution.)

3. Be mindful of window treatments
Keep blinds and curtains open during the day to let in sunlight. Also, close your blinds and curtains after sunset to keep the warm air inside and prevent cold air from coming in.

4. Only heat the rooms that need it
Don’t heat rooms that you don’t use. Close heating vents, lower individual thermostats and radiators in these rooms and keep the door closed so that cooler air doesn't make its way into the rest of your apartment.

5. Arrange furniture away from radiators
Take your heating system into consideration when arranging the placement of furniture. Avoid placing sofas or other large pieces of furniture directly in front of a radiator or low wall vent. If you must keep your sofa along the wall where a vent is located, move the sofa away from the wall to allow the warm air to circulate.

6. Buy or make a draft stopper (coupe-froid in French)
A draft stopper is a long beanbag or adhesive plastic attachment that fits along the bottom of a door or window to block cold air. You can find them at Leroy-Merlin or Castorama for less than 15 €.

7. Install simple window insulation*
You can pick up draft band sealing at any home improvement store, such as Leroy-Merlin or Castorama. At the onset of winter, measure the windows’ dimensions, cut the draft band sealing accordingly, and affix it around the corners of your windows.

One last tip: Bundle up! Keep your feet covered with socks and/or slippers and wear warm clothing at home. This can lower your consumption by up to 10%.

credit photo @ Alisa Anton