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How much does electricity cost in Paris in 2023?

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As we all know, the energy price in France has been rising much faster than ever over the past decade. However, remember that the utility cost in France remains below the European average. According to the website Selectra, in May 2023, the average electricity price per kWh (including taxes) was €0.2062 in France. 

With the EDF Blue Tariff Basic option in 2023, the average annual electricity bill* per apartment size would be :

  • 25 m² studio (1 person): €975.6
  • 50 m² apartment (2 people): €1,751.52 
  • 70 m² apartment (4 people): €2,696.64
  • 100 m² house (4 people): €3,059.64 

* subject to change

Who is responsible for the electricity subscription in an apartment rental?

In France, electricity is generally not included in the rent. When tenants move into a new apartment rental in Paris, they must register for an electricity contract in their name. Some Furnished Rental Estate agencies like Paris Rental help expat tenants open utility accounts. The tenant gets the meter count during the walkthrough/ inventory of premises (état des lieux). We recommend you take a photo of the meter count while visiting or ask for it, for it is essential information to check your electricity bills.

Do I need a French bank account to pay utility bills in France?

In France, having a French bank account is not required to pay utility bills, but having one makes the process smooth and convenient. However, paying your invoices with your home credit card on the supplier's website, by telepayment, or even in cash/cash mandate at the post office is possible. But having a French bank account offers more advantages, allowing your electricity supplier to withdraw the required amount from your bank account on a specified date each month to avoid any hassle.

How to set up a new electricity contract in France?

When setting up a utility contract in France, the client service asks you for a IBAN, your bank account identity, to withdraw your utilities' monthly bill. If you have a bank account in France, automatic withdrawal is possible. But you don't, you need to pay differently. 
Here are the different steps to follow:

1. Contact your chosen electricity supplier by phone.

By giving information about your apartment, the client service can help you estimate your electricity consumption and propose an offer adapted to your needs. If you don't speak French, don't panic: EDF has an English-speaking helpline at 09 69 36 63 83 or +339 69 36 63 83. Opening an electricity account in France costs nothing.

2. Provide all necessary information

  • name of the occupant
  • contact details
  • address of your future apartment
  • moving-in date
  • Information regarding your house and equipment  
  • your bank details: RIB (Relevé d'Identité Bancaire)
  • the meter reading of your new home
  • the PDL number of your future home (Point of delivery) consists of 14 numbers.

If your apartment has a Linky meter, you will find your PDL number directly on the meter display. Press the "+" button until you see "PRM number," the equivalent of the PDL on the Linky meter.
Once your electricity contract is on, the electricity service starts immediately.

Linky Meter

How do I pay for electricity in Paris?

Many expats don’t have a French bank account when they just arrive in France. Here are several payment methods for paying electricity bills in France, whether you have a French bank account or not.

  • Payment by credit card

You can pay your electricity bill online directly by credit card on the website at your client space. The bill appears on the billing page, and you only need to enter your bank details to complete the payment. This payment method is secure, simple, and especially practical for people who do not have a French bank account.

  • Payment by debit

Payment by direct debit is the most used method because of its convenience. When you subscribe to an EDF contract, you only need to provide your French bank details (IBAN), and the debit will automatically be processed on the date agreed in the contract. However, remember that this payment method only works if you have a French bank account and, most often, with a European one.

  • Paying by telepayment

This payment method requires you to have a credit card. You can pay your electricity bill by phone, by giving your bank details to customer service, but not online.

  • Pay in cash or with a cash mandate (French TIP)

The cash mandate is a great way to pay electricity invoices without a French IBAN. Take your electricity bill to the post office. At the bottom of the statement, you'll find a TIP (Titre Interbancaire de Traitement) with a barcode. Present it at the post office counter and pay the amount due in cash (no extra charge). You get a receipt as proof of your electricity payment. 

How to change your electricity supplier?

If you are not happy with your current electricity supplier, you have the option to switch to another one. Changing your supplier comes at no cost. There is no minimum commitment period. Your electricity meter remains the same even when you switch suppliers. You have nothing to do once you've signed the contract with the new supplier: termination of your previous electricity contract is handled automatically, and you still get energy until the switching date.

Changing the electric meter: tenant or owner's responsibility?

The owner/lessor is responsible for the replacement when the electric meter fails. However, if the tenant requests a change for personal reasons or damage to the electrical installation, the tenant is responsible for the replacement.


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