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Locked Out in Paris!

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Locked Out in Paris!  

Updated 2020/01/22

We’ve all been hit with that terrible sinking feeling – you locked yourself out of your apartment or you fear your keys were stolen. Either way, you can’t enter your home.

If you didn’t leave a copy of your housekeys with a trusty friend or neighbor, first call your landlord. In many instances, s/he will have a spare copy. Is your landlord unreachable? Check with your building’s concierge, as s/he may be able to help you gain access back into your flat. Alternatively, if you rented your apartment with Paris Rental, and Home Management manages your rental, call 01 43 12 99 20, and problem solved!

If you’re locked out after normal business hours and the above options above have led nowhere, the most economical course of action would be to spend the night at a friend’s place or a hotel. Emergency locksmith services or the businesses listed on SOS flyers you regularly find in your mailbox often charge exorbitant rates, up to 2,000€! Here are some responsive and reasonably-priced locksmiths:

SERRURIER MOZART (available 24/7)
62 avenue Mozart, 16th arrondissement
01 40 50 17 17

138 bd Voltaire, 11th arrondissement
01 43 70 60 10 or 01 43 70 43 43

54 avenue Simon Bolivar, 19th arrondissement
01 42 00 33 89

If you have to change the locks, any locksmith will tell you that can limit your expense by changing only the “barillet”, or cylinder case, of the lock. If you locked yourself out and the door is not completely locked, the locksmith can try opening the door with a couple of x-ray sheets. In that case, you will only pay for his visit.

Please note:
– Whether your keys were stolen or you locked yourself out, you are responsible for any costs involved. Insurance providers rarely cover the full cost.
– The landlord will expect the new system to resemble the previous model and quality

credit photo @Christian Stahl