Tips for apartment hunting in Paris

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Living in Paris could be fascinating, but before you start hunting for an apartment in Paris, be aware that the process can be exhausting. Especially so to expats with a language barrier, not knowing the rental market in France to boot. Besides the culture shock, the problem of renting in Paris is quite real. 

Usually, researching on the internet with keywords gives results beyond one's imagination. Yet, many ads are outdated, leading to confusion and wonder: how to go about finding an apartment in Paris?

If you have no clue where to begin and seek a painless method to rent an apartment in Paris, look at this blog: Looking for an apartment in Paris? In it, a real estate expert shares with you tips on finding a furnished apartment in Paris, guiding you step by step, and, most importantly, helping you get ready for an apartment visit when you land in France.

Here is a tutorial video to ease your apartment hunting in Paris to introduce you to some platforms for finding apartments, including social media groups and free rental websites, while helping non-french speakers. In this video, top real estate experts answer FAQ questions: How can I find a suitable furnished apartment in Paris? Is all rental information on social media groups proper? What should I do to subscribe electricity, gas, and house insurance? And so on.

Renting in Paris can be much easier by getting helpful guidance, here we wish you find the best advice and enjoy your peaceful mind when settling down in Paris.