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Furnished accommodations for Government Housing

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Furnished accommodation options in Paris for government institutions and international organizations

Paris Rental looks forward to welcoming you to Paris. We realize that it is not easy to move to another country where you might not speak the language. Many issues are at stake, the first one being to find accommodation.

Fortunately, Paris Rental has a long experience in renting high-standing furnished apartments to Corporate expatriates and to International agencies. For the last 30 years, Paris Rental has been the housing reference to Foreign organizations in Paris.

To help you with your housing search, Paris Rental is available every weekday, all year long. What is more, its “Client Relations” team speaks English and many more languages.

How to choose the perfect Parisian neighborhoods for government employees?

First, you need to examine where you would like to live. This decision depends on factors such as:

  • Are you alone or accompanied by your family? Considering space, schools, transport to and from work & school is essential.
  • Would you prefer to live close to your work?
  • Are you a jogger, do you practice sport and need a fitness club?
  • Are you a good cook? You need shops and gourmet foods nearby.

In addition, you need to consider lifestyle preferences. Do you favor a quiet and residential area versus a lively neighborhood? Do you need a view, yet wish for a quiet bedroom on the courtyard? You work late at night and need a lively street nearby with food shops, as well as plenty of restaurants; the proximity of transportation is important for you; you absolutely must have air conditioning, a terrace, a view, a lift large enough for your suitcases; you want modern furnishings or a more classical French style; you want high ceilings, a large fully equipped kitchen, a huge shower; you want to be close to cinemas, theaters, museums…

Here are the best neighborhoods in Paris for expatriates and the most family-friendly Parisian neighborhoods!

Defining your profile will save you time and errors! Our team will select the apartment in the district and area that most suits you, as their competence is thorough with Paris' districts and with our high-end Paris apartments for rent.

Explore Paris for public sector professionals.

Paris is relatively small, measuring just over 10 km from north to south and about 12 km from east to west, and space is scarce. Furthermore, most Government agencies' buildings are located in the center of Paris. Therefore, for those of you who wish to live close to work, space is even scarcer. Out of the 20 arrondissements de Paris, 5 are home to Embassies and Consulates, Foreign affairs Ministry, Military Academy, OCDE, International Energy Agency, etc. These arrondissements are the 16th, the 8th, the 7th, the 15th, and the 17th districts.

Because Paris is limited, space is expensive. Not only is Paris is expensive for renting accommodation, but it also appears to have the highest rents in Europe!

Overview of the average rent in Paris

In the context of our latest survey, Paris Rental Agency reported that the average monthly rent per square meter for apartment rentals in Paris ranges from approximately 34 to 47 euros. The figures below provide an overview of rental costs in Paris, based on the apartment's size and whether it is furnished or unfurnished. It is important to note that these amounts represent averages that may vary depending on the Parisian district and criteria such as provided amenities and furniture.

What is the average cost of furnished rental per square meter in Paris?

  • Studio & 1-room apartments: On average, the rent in Paris is 46.34 € / m².

  • 1-bedroom apartments (2 rooms): The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Paris is 40.83 € / m².
  • 2-bedroom apartments (3 rooms): The average rent is 38.87 € / m².
  • 3-bedroom apartments (4 rooms): The average rent is 39.30 € / m².

What is the average cost of unfurnished rental per square meter in Paris?

  • Studio & 1-room apartments: The average rent is 41.28 € / m².

  • 1-bedroom apartments (2 rooms): The average rent is 31.1 € / m².
  • 2-bedroom apartments (3 rooms): The average rent is 35.77 € / m².
  • 3-bedroom apartments (4 rooms): The average rent is 34.61 € / m².

As a general rule, you will not be able to rent anything in Paris that costs less than 33% of your net salary. If you prefer the suburbs, usually quieter, with more green areas and international schools, foreign social clubs, golf courses, and equestrian centers, rents are less expensive for a larger habitable surface.

Living in central Paris or in the suburbs: what are the benefits for public-sector staff?

The suburbs include the Hauts-de-Seine (zip code 92) and the Yvelines (zip code 78). These are quite expensive suburbs where there is a large population of expatriates.
The Hauts-de-Seine include Neuilly sur Seine, Boulogne-Billancourt, Issy-les-Moulineaux, Meudon et Saint-Cloud …, and are serviced by metro, tramway or train.

RER or TER (suburban city link) take you to the Yvelines including Versailles, Saint-Germain en Laye, Maison-Lafitte …

International schools in central Paris and nearby suburbs

International schools in Paris cater to expats from all over the world.
Most international schools in Paris have a diverse student body with a range of nationalities represented. This means that, even if parents prefer their children to continue with a curriculum from home, they will still have a unique multicultural experience in Paris.
Applications are accepted year-round at international schools, but space isn't always available. It's a good idea to get in touch with schools directly and apply as early as possible.
To learn more about International schools, click here :

Transportation solutions for public-sector tenants in Paris

How to get to and from work is another consideration worth taking into account when choosing where you would like to live. The transport system in Paris and the suburbs is made easy by the use of the Navigo card (+ ou - 80€/month) which covers all of Paris and the suburbs. It works in the metro, the RER, the Tram, the trains and the bus lines.

Advantages of renting furnished apartments during assignments for government agencies

For furnished accommodations, rent prices usually vary from "same as unfurnished apartment rent, to an upgrade of 10% to 15% depending on the amenities of the flat, the standing of the furniture, the comfort, floor, light exposure, view, security and more.

Rents are normally quoted as follows: "basic rent + building maintenance charges" or "maintenance charges included in the global rent".
In the case of furnished apartment rentals, maintenance charges are usually included in the rent. In French, it appears as "Loyer charges comprises (c.c)."
These charges - called charges communes - include the tenant's part of costs for the concierge (if applicable), cleaning of the staircase, maintenance of elevator, central heating (if applicable), hot water when provided in the whole building collectively, and tax due for the garbage removal.

On top of these charges, tenants will take their subscriptions for utilities such as electricity, gas, and internet. Internet billings comprise internet + telephone + television.

Long-term furnished rental services for government entities in Paris

Paris Rental is both a high-standing Real Estate Agency and a convivial service-oriented Realtor. With your personal Client Relation Home Expert, you will be accompanied through the steps of your search for a furnished apartment. You will get the answers to all your questions about settling in, as well as a contract translated in English, and the organization of utilities, home insurance, and inventory of the premises.

To know more about your future rental in Paris, click on any or all of these links :

Understanding the rental contract when leasing to a government agency

The rental contract is an essential rental document both for the landlord and the tenant as it stipulates exactly the rights and obligations of each party. A copy of the contract should be kept by the landlord and the tenant.

List of documents required to sign a rental contract in France:

  • your passport or carte de séjour

  • a statement from your company certifying your employment and salary or your last three payslips.
  • your bank references (a RIB: relevé d‘identité bancaire)

List of documents that the lessor is not allowed to request from the tenant -:

  • an ID photograph

  • social security papers
  • bank statements

Mandatory information to be mentioned in the lease:

  • the name and address of the landlord

  • the duration of the rental and the starting date of the contract
  • the description of the accommodation and dependencies (cellar, garden, etc.)
  • the description of common facilities (lift, bicycle, and children stroller, etc.)
  • the use of the dwelling
  • the amount and conditions of payment for the rent as well as conditions for change
  • the amount of the guarantee deposit

Mandatory documents to be attached to the lease:

  • state of the premises (Etat des lieux)

  • copy of Home Insurance certificate
  • diagnostics required by law

Managing security deposits for rentals with government agencies

The security deposit is not for rental payments. It is meant to cover the cost of abnormal damage to the apartment (other than normal wear and tear) and/or for any unpaid bills (ex: internet bill if the subscription is in the landlord’s name). It should be returned to you within two months of the termination of the lease, deductions made for any charges you still owe on any repair due to abnormal or abusive use of the apartment.
According to the law on the rental of furnished premises, the landlord can request a guarantee deposit representing 2 months’ rent. However, if the furniture is very expensive, the landlord can request more. For unfurnished rentals, the guarantee deposit is one month.

The importance of carrying out an efficient inspection for apartments rented by government institutions

The day of hand over, an entry inspection “Etat des lieux” document will record the state of the apartment. It is essential to note details about the apartment and check the inventory of furniture and equipment in the property to eliminate any source of dispute concerning the responsibility for damages when you move out.
The “Etat des lieux” should include reading readings of gas and electricity meters. A well prepared “Etat des lieux” can reduce the grounds for disagreement upon the lease termination. Make sure everything is recorded before you sign off.

Council tax for apartments rented by government institutions

All tenants are billed the housing tax - called "taxe d' habitation" - from the local tax authorities. This tax is charged to all tenants occupying a dwelling place on the 1st of January. It is generally sent in October and is payable in December for that year (January to December). The rates vary according to the size and standard of the apartment, as well as the area. The amount represents typically around one month's rent.

In conclusion, the best solution for ambassadors, foreign officials, and employees of the many Government Agencies in Paris is renting furnished accommodations versus unfurnished ones.
Of the many good reasons for that statement, the kitchen is one. For instance, when you rent an unfurnished property in France, the kitchen is often entirely empty, apart from the sink with a cupboard underneath. Even with the existence of cheaper kitchen units from stores such as Ikea, it remains that building a kitchen is time-consuming and can be expensive in the end.

There is a wide choice of furnished apartments, especially with Paris Rental, so it is possible to choose an apartment that is furnished to your taste. For with an unfurnished apartment, not only does it cost money to have your furniture come from abroad, but most likely there will be no curtain rods or light fixtures in the apartment. Could be quite uncomfortable for a while! Besides, the owners of furnished accommodations are accustomed to rent to expatriates. Therefore, they are not reluctant to rent to foreign officials with diplomatic immunity.
Last, renting furnished apartments gives more flexibility since the rental period can vary. Furnished flats are readily available and provide a fully equipped kitchen and the bathrooms and appliances will be modern.

Welcome to France!
Welcome to Paris Rental!

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