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Relocating to Paris for work: Which area is the best to live in?

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Relocating to Paris for work brings an exciting experience. As you prepare for corporate relocation, one crucial question comes: where is the best district to live in Paris during your job transfer? This article will guide you through finding the best neighborhoods in Paris for professionals, whether you seek a bohemian ambiance, a modern urban area, a family residential neighborhood, a lively cultural scene, or an elegant and refined Parisian setting.

Le Marais (3rd & 4th districts) - Top Areas in Paris for expats working in Fashion & Arts

Renting an apartment in Le Marais is ideal if you are moving to Paris for work in the fashion or art industry or simply seeking an immersion in the vibrant, trendy Parisian vibe. Nestled in Paris's 3rd and 4th arrondissements, Le Marais is one of the most international areas of Paris, accommodating a significant expat population. Renowned for its charming cobblestone streets with numerous fashion houses, designer studios, flagship stores, and modern galleries, it has become a haven for fashion enthusiasts and art lovers. Besides, Le Marais is a popular after-work gathering spot in Paris, hosting an array of specialty cafes, trendy international restaurants, hip bars, and nightclubs, making it an excellent start for you to integrate into Parisian life and make friends.

La Défense: A lively business district for expatriates

For those who work in Paris nearby La Défense/ Courbevoie or seek a modern urban area, La Défense is one of the best suburbs to live near Paris. Situated just west of the city center, La Défense is Paris's primary business and financial hub, hosting numerous multinational companies, major corporations, international organizations, and business schools. Renting an apartment in La Défense Business District offers many benefits, particularly for professionals. If your work revolves around finance or technology, residing in La Défense can significantly reduce your daily commuting and enhance your work-life balance. 

In addition to its professional advantages, La Défense offers an array of amenities and services, such as a vast shopping complex, like Les Quatre Temps, featuring a diverse range of boutiques, department stores, restaurants, gyms, and cinemas. With its handy transportation of the station Esplanade de La Défense and La Défense with Metro 1, RER A, Lines L & U, and Tram of T2, you can easily and quickly reach any corner of Paris and its neighboring suburbs. 

16th district of Paris - Prestigious and calm residential neighborhood in western Paris

The 16th arrondissement of Paris is well known for its prestigious and residential character, making it a sought-after destination for expats relocating with their families or individuals desiring a serene and upscale environment. The 16th district is incredibly convenient for corporate expats working at OCDE, Adobe, or an embassy. Tree-lined boulevards, grand Haussmannian buildings, high-end furnished Paris apartment rentals, and charming townhouses contribute to the district's refined Parisian ambiance.

The 16th district boasts excellent public and private bilingual schools, such as the International School of Paris (ISP) and Ecole Galilée. Families can also take advantage of the numerous parks and gardens, such as the Jardin d'Acclimatation and the Bois de Boulogne offering vast green spaces for outdoor activities, picnics, and leisurely walks. The 16th district also provides a plethora of shopping and dining options. The lively Rue de Passy offers high-end boutiques, gourmet food stores, and chic cafes and restaurants. For those seeking cultural experiences, the 16th arrondissement presents a variety of museums, galleries, and historical landmarks, such as the Palais de Tokyo, the Musée d'Art Moderne de Paris, and the Fondation Louis Vuitton. Discover more furnished apartment rentals in the 16th district of Paris.

15th arrondissement: A premium family-friendly neighborhood for expatriates in Paris

One of the primary advantages of the 15th arrondissement of Paris is its proximity to various international schools catering to a multicultural community, such as EIB Grenelle (École Internationale Bilingue), BISP (Bilingual International School of Paris), and École Jeannine Manuel, which makes it a popular destination for expat families in Paris

Affordable housing options are another critical aspect of the 15th district. Compared to some of the more central and prestigious areas of Paris, like the 6th or the 16th districts, the 15th arrondissement offers relatively affordable furnished apartment rental options in Paris, allowing families to find comfortable and more spacious accommodations within their budget during their job resettlement. 

Apart from family comfort, the 15th district is also practical for individuals registering for the famous Cordon Bleu School or working in UNESCO. 

Saint-Germain-des-Prés: Charm and elegance of refined Parisian life

Located on the Left Bank of the Seine River, the Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood in the 6th arrondissement of Paris offers a blend of history, art, intellectualism, and a genuinely Parisian lifestyle. The area boasts architectural treasures such as Café de Flore, Église Saint-Sulpice, Odéon Théâtre de l'Europe, Place de Furstenberg, and Jardin du Luxembourg, which provides pleasures for leisure strolls through its charming streets.

Saint-Germain-des-Prés offers an array of boutique shopping and high-end fashion. Rue de Rennes, Boulevard Saint-Germain, and Le Bon Marché Department Store overflow with fashion boutiques, designer and concept stores. The area also boasts a diverse range of specialty food shops, and restaurants, from traditional French bistros to Michelin-starred establishments, catering to all tastes and preferences. 

9th district of Paris: Vibrant and central neighborhood for young professionals

The 9th arrondissement is known for its central location and vibrant atmosphere, making it an ideal place for professionals and young adults in Paris who value easy access to their workplace and enjoy the fun part of the city. 

The 9th district is home to numerous theaters and performance venues, including the Palais Garnier, Théâtre Mogador, and Théâtre de Paris. The neighborhood also offers many shopping facilities, such as the renowned Galeries Lafayette department store, Printemps Haussmann, and numerous boutiques on Boulevard Haussmann. The 9th district boasts a wide range of restaurants, bistros, and cafes offering delectable French cuisine, international flavors, and trendy dining experiences on Rue des Martyrs, the Saint George area, at the metro stations of Cadet, Le Peletier, and Richelieu-Drouot. Check out more furnished apartments for rent in the 9th district of Paris

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